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Ronda Rousey – biography, information, personal life
Rhonda Jean Rosie (Rousay not) (Ronda Jean Rousey). Born on February 1, 1987 in Santa Monica (California, USA). American MMA fighter and fighter of judo, the actress. The first champion of the UFC, former champion of Strikeforce bantamweight champion.
Almost all competitors (except Sara McMann, Alexis Davis and Beth Correia) Rosie won by submission “armbar.” Almost all (except one) fights in MMA has completed the first round.
In 2008 Ronda Rousey became the first American woman has won a bronze medal in judo at the Summer Olympics.
According MMARising and MMAWeekly, Rosie is considered one of the best MMA fighters in the world rankings is the weight categories pound-for-pound, and until recently was the number one in the ranking of the lightest weight among women.
In August 2015, Forbes magazine put Ronda Rousey in eighth place in the top 10 highest-paid female athletes of the world with annual earnings of $ 6.5 million. Experts Forbes estimated that earnings for Rosie fights totaled 3 million, and the remaining $ 3.5 million she received from other activities.
Ronda Rousey was born on February 1, 1987 in Santa Monica (Riverside County, California).
Rosie’s grandfather on his mother was originally from Venezuela.
Rhonda’s father committed suicide.
Ronda Rousey’s mother Ann Maria De Mars has made a successful career in judo, becoming in 1984 the first world champion in judo in America. About his signature technique Rhonda tells how her mother woke her every morning, spending armbar.
Sister Rhonda – Maria Burns Ortiz – sports journalist.
Nicknamed Rowdy (literally: “violent, sharp”) Rhonda took not only the meaning but also in sound – the name of a famous wrestler Roddy Piper.
From early childhood, Ronda Rousey engaged in judo. She admits that complexed because of its appearance: “We have made fun of me because of that, I was so muscular.” “As a child I did not like how I look like I’ve never considered myself pretty.” – Rhonda says.
At seventeen Rosie was selected to participate in the 2004 Olympics, becoming the youngest competitor in judo.
In addition, in 2004 she won a gold medal at the World Junior Championships in Budapest.
In February 2007, Rosie moved in the weight category up to 70 kg, which is considered one of the three most powerful women in the world. She won a silver medal at the World Judo Championship in Rio de Janeiro where the final match lost on points of French judoka Zhevriz Eman. And in the same year he won the gold medal at the Pan American Games.
In August 2008, Rosie took part in the Olympic Games in Beijing. She lost in the quarterfinals of a Dutch Edith Bosch, but got the opportunity to fight for the bronze medal, which she won, defeating a German woman, Annette Boehm. Thus, Ronda Rousey became the first woman from the United States, which has won an Olympic medal in judo.
In MMA Ronda Rousey came at a young age. The first seven fights, she won a total of 3-4 minutes, that is, on every battle she spends about 30 seconds. American debut took place in the month of May in New Mexico against Mexican Hayden Muñoz, it only took 23 seconds for something to take her arm at the elbow.
The main feature of Ronda is its wrestling technique. Through sports mother education, Ronda has a crown reception – arm elbow, she literally learned from childhood to myself: mother woke her, gently holding the reception. That data reception Ronda won most of his fights, with almost always in the first round.
Of the 12 winning fights in MMA, Ronda 9 of them won via armbar.
Ronda Rousey on their battle tactics:
“When I was a kid I just drove to the brain, that I should not waste time to investigate. So I’m good at doing what other men do bad.”
“In my childhood, when I was engaged in judo, my mother explained to me that the best time to catch his opponent at the reception – this is the first seconds of the bout is why I have always tried to hold the cast immediately after the bell I had a lot of fights, in.. I was victorious for the first 10 or 20 seconds, because it is in these moments a person is the least ready for it. ”
“I want to win as efficiently as possible and with the minimum of fuss People forget that, the shorter my fights, the more matches I can spend I feel so prolonging his career..” – Rhonda says.
Ronda Rousey Achievements in 2014-2015:
– Award the best fighter of the Year by the ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award).
– Award the best female fighter in 2014 according to Fighters Only World MMA Awards.
In 2014 he published an autobiography Ronda Rousey “My fight / Your Fight”, which has already become a bestseller in the United States.
Sales of paid broadcasts of UFC 184 Rousey vs. tournament Zingano, which took place in February 2015, the figure amounted to 600 000. This figure is better than selling any PPV UFC tournament in 2014.
Ronda has signed advertising contracts with such firms as Reebok, Metro PCS, Monster headphones and Buffalo David Bitton.
UFC 193
November 15, 2015 in Melbourne, held under the auspices of the evening fighting UFC. Culminating in the battle for the title of champion of the UFC bantamweight champion. Ronda Rousey met and never known defeat Holly Holm and – according to the plans – was to defend his title for the seventh time. All rates and betting forecasts of experts converged on the unconditional victory of Ronda.
The battle began with the usual power Ronda pressure on the opponent. Ronda Rousey tried early in the first round to win by using their skills crown on the ground. However, having a strong boxing technique Holly Holm is not allowed to develop the initiative of Ronda, skillfully parried all the attacks and by the end of the first round of slashed her lip.
The second round ended prematurely. Ronda Rousey missed Holly Holmes powerful shot with his left hand to the jaw. The blow was to deal a body attachment and turned fatal for Ronda. She got knocked down, he turned his back and fell into his arms, then was obviously got knocked down with the hands and immediately received a powerful high kick to the head. He was a knockout. Holmes wanted to spend the final finishing moves in the heat, but the judge immediately stopped the fight.
Ronda Rousey got deep knockout, assistants within minutes brought the woman in mind. It was the first career knockout fighter and and at once deep. In this regard, immediately after the fight Ronda was taken to the hospital and made a detailed tomographic image that revealed no abnormalities and serious injuries.
Life Ronda Rousey:
The first known boyfriend Ronda Rousey was Brendan Schaub – professional football player, who then became a mixed martial arts fighter. Schaub has won 10 fights in MMA and has suffered 5 defeats.
After the break with Schaub, from mid-2015 Rosie started dating 33-year-old MMA fighter Travis Brown. Moreover, the fighter is married and has two sons.
In October 2015 the first Brown said that is serious about Ronda Rousey.
Add that Ronda Rousey repeatedly criticized Floyd Mayweather, who was serving a prison sentence in the case of domestic violence.
Filmography Ronda Rousey:
2014 – The Expendables 3 (The Expendables 3) – Luna
2015 – Furious 7 (Furious 7) – Kara
2015 – Entourage (Entourage) – cameo
In 2013, Sylvester Stallone Ronda chose to shoot in her new movie “The Expendables 3” where she starred as a former bouncer and aspiring mercenary Moon. In the movie “Fast and Furious 7” boss played guard named Kara.
In 2016 it is scheduled to begin filming a new version of the film “Road House,” in the original version of which starred Patrick Swayze. Ronda play not just the central female character, and character Patrick Swayze.
Ronda also regularly receives offers to star in porn films.
Ronda Rousey Height – 170 cm; weight – 65 kg.
For a while, Ronda Rousay not adhered to a vegan diet. His current diet Ronda describes as a mixture with paleodiety fighter diet.
Rosie also argues that sex before a fight is recommended for women to increase testosterone levels.
Ronda Rousey about yourself:
One commentator Joe Rogan UFC said that Ronda Rousey could beat 50-60% bantamweight fighters male. “I never say that I can not someone to beat, because they do not have the habit to set themselves limits. So, hypothetically, in reality, where I can fight with everyone, I can beat anyone, 100% of them. You do not can you tell me that I have 0% chance to beat anyone on this planet, so that I myself do not dismiss this possibility, “- commented Rosie.
Ronda Rousey on the show Jimmy Kimmel
Ronda Rousey – human activity, loves extreme. If not MMA, then, she said, she went to work lifeguard: “I have worked as a lifeguard in the Coast Guard I live in Los Angeles or Hawaii, I have experience in rescue operations, I am a great swimmer I generally like to get up to all sorts.. crazy things like jumping from great heights. I ekstremalka and I like extreme activity. I just can not live smoothly and quietly, I like when the ups constantly replaced downs. it seems to me that part of human nature is to test yourself for strength emotional and physical planes. I just can not imagine myself sitting at a desk all his life. “

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