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The most famous and popular comedian in Sweden
Gustafsson is often called “the funniest man in Sweden ‘. He’s a great parodist, and at the same time say that he has Asperger syndrome (people with the disease have difficulties with socialization).
He was born December 20, 1964 in Katrineholm (Katrineholm), a small industrial town near the Baltic coast of Sweden (Sweden). Father Robert Olle Gustafsson, overtighten furniture, and his mother, Inger, was a housewife. Robert grew up with his brother, who was his senior by three years, but Christian was born with a heart defect and died ten years ago. In 1970, when Robert was 6 years old, the family moved to the city of Skövde (Skövde) to the south of the country. From 1975 to 1980, Robert participated in bicycle racing.
He began his career in the field of the comic in the late ’70s, when he performed in the revue comedian Runo Sundberg (Runo Sundberg) in Skövde. In 1988, Robert married Lotte Gustafsson, they have two sons, Valentin and John.
If the work of comic troupe ‘Killinggänget’ known mostly his irony and references to pop culture, the very Gustafsson generally uses a more traditional and tangible side of comedy – such as a farce – and playing characters with exaggerated features of the person. He has the ability to play a variety of voices and accents and has a tendency to play people who ultimately harm themselves. It is much more noticeable when Robert acts alone or with other artists, not of the ‘Killinggänget’ actors.
Among his most memorable roles:
– Greger, openly gay fireman who wears a checkered kilt;
– A set of old: Gustafsson very well succeed elderly, and even apparently decrepit characters;
– Bertil, unlucky gardener who has his own television show ‘Lost in my own garden’. The inspiration for the role was the Swedish TV program about gardening, which was published in the 80’s, where the leading
th accidentally cut his thumb with a knife, but continued to lead the program, as if nothing had happened. In addition, the character was influenced by Dan Aykroyd (Dan Aykroyd), Canadian actor and comedian, successfully paradirovavshego Julia Child (Julia Child), the famous American writer of cookbooks and a leading culinary show.
In addition, Gustafsson excellent parodies of other people, and many of his famous parodies include the appearance of the image of film director Ingmar Bergman (Ingmar Bergman), the actor Sven Volltera (Sven Wollter), actor Ernst-Hugo Yeregorda (Ernst-Hugo Järegård), motorcycle racer Tony Rikardssona (Tony Rickardsson), journalist Robert Aschberg (Robert Aschberg) and leading Harenstama Magnus (Magnus Härenstam), as well as former prime ministers Göran Persson (Göran Persson) and Carl Bildt (Carl Bildt).
Robert Gustafsson – one of the most famous and popular Swedish comic actor, he is a frequent speaker in various television shows and frequently appears on the big screen. He also worked for Norwegian television, ‘Åpen Post’ shows. Even if there were no speeches Gustafsson in ‘Killinggänget’, it would have remained one of the key figures of the Swedish show business in the field of humor and entertainment. He played in sitcoms such as ‘Rena rama Rolf’, and appears regularly in various sitcoms. In 2004, his performance in ‘Four Shades of Brown’ brought Gustafsson Prize ‘Guldbagge Award’ for Best Actor, starred.
However, it happens and overlays. In February 2014 one of the sketches Gustafsson, in which he portrayed a representative of the Sami, the indigenous inhabitants of Sweden. And in Sweden, Norway and the artist then accused of racism.

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