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Rita Hayworth

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American actress.
Real name – Margarita Carmen Cancino.
Born October 17, 1918 in Brooklyn, New York, in a family of professional dancers Eduardo Cancino Sr. and Volga Hayworth.
They say that the father brought Rita to dance class in 1921. The three-year baby, and this school was all her education. Rita was so apt pupil, which in 1926 came to the set of the film “Fiesta / La Fiesta». The girl had another ten years Habanera dancing and other dances with her parents, before she made her official debut in the movie.
Meanwhile, his father moved the family to Hollywood and opened a dance school. At first, the family business prospered, but the Great Depression. School had to close, and his father – to perform a duet with his daughter. In life, she was shy, but the dance was transformed completely. At that time the manager did everything to emphasize its “Latin” features – made by nature Blacken chestnut hair and put them into a tight beam. So Rita came in this way that many were convinced of its Mexican origins and wonder at the lack of emphasis in her speech. Rita was barely 17 when she noticed a representative of the company “Fox” and helped her get a contract. Uncredited Rita Cancino, she played in three films besslovestnyh exotic dancers, and the fourth – the first time spoke. Progress was evident, but here at the studio changed everything – management, working methods and even the name. Chapter newly founded film company “Twentieth Century Fox” Darryl Zanuck could not tolerate slackers and losers. After reviewing the newly mounted film “Letter to Garcia” (1936), in which the main role was played by Barbara Stanwyck, he demanded to cut all the scenes with Cancino and immediately drove to Rita sentence-diagnosis of “hopeless.”
A year later, Rita married Edward Charles Judson, a very unusual subject, who had a reputation as the Hollywood of Monte Cristo. Everybody knew him, but no one knew where he got the money.
It was he who suggested that she be called Hayworth and take lessons in elocution. That he forced her to dye her hair red in color, highlights on the forehead and becoming darker at the back. But the main thing – that Ed had insisted on a decisive metamorphosis, which was subjected to face Rita Cancino, to fully justify the new name and image. It took more than a year. Thus was born the golden-haired Rita Hayworth.
Whip up low-budget movies, which starred Rita at first, did not touch any audience or the critics, but turned it into a professional actress. President of the “Columbia Pictures’ Harry Cohn believed in Hayworth and advise the director Howard Hawks to take it to be the” other woman “in the movie” Only Angels Have Wings “(1939).
In 1941, at the studio, “Twentieth Century Fox” decided to re-shoot in color like the audience a picture of “Blood and Sand”. Image of Docks Sol has become one of the best in the record of the actress.
When World War II ended, the Americans took the symbols of peace. The bomb exploded while the public opinion is not experienced at the sites of Nevada, and in the best theaters of the country. It was called “Gilda.” It was a new romance with Rita Hayworth. The excitement created an incredible picture.
As picture 1948 “The Lady from Shanghai” Rita decided to change the appearance again. To the dismay of bosses “Columbia” Hayworth cut off her luxurious locks (which are, incidentally, is considered an important commercial asset studio!) And repainted in a platinum blonde. Conservative public could not come to terms with it, and the picture is a failure at the box office.
The failure of the painting, in which Rita longed to show themselves not “Covergirl” and a serious actress, has led to a profound creative crisis. Also in 1948 she first visited in Europe and on the French Riviera met the Aga Khan – son of the world-renowned Islamic spiritual leader, and part-time millionaire playboy. He broke a new love, and with it the desire to follow the example of Greta Garbo – quit “factory of dreams” at their own request. Enamored couple traveled throughout Europe, appeared at the Cannes Film Festival, has captivated the cover of fashion magazines and caused a scandal among moralists as the Aga Khan was not divorced from former wife. In Hollywood, Rita Hayworth returned only to terminate the contract with Columbia, to pay a penalty in the quarter of a million dollars and, according to rumors, to spit in the face of the head of the studio Gary Cohn, the tyrant and intriguing, and always seek to control his career and personal life of the actress.
For a few years, if Rita turned off from life. Alas, the aura of a romantic escape from Hollywood quickly faded. Once the brightest star in Hollywood was sitting in four walls: no job, no friends, nor in the long run, the family – even the daughter Jasmine, who was born in this marriage, did not affect the Aga Khan. Rita divorced him in 1951 and a year later, nearly penniless, went to pay homage to her hated Cohn. He agreed to forget past grievances and immediately brought it with Glenn Ford, for the painting “Love in Trinidad.”
However, an attempt to repeat the success of “Gilda” has failed. Star Rita train has already left, and catch up with it was damn hard. In desperation, she resorted to the great experience of Alla Nazimova, the tragic beauty of silent films. She was trying to save his career, playing Salome. The calculation seemed to be true – Hayworth nature itself was designed to be the role of the biblical temptress. But in the movie the title character in 1953 turned into a minor, her story was at odds with the main action. To blame for this was primarily directed, but those who bought tickets for the film with Rita Hayworth disappointed with the actress. After “Salome” Rita fell into a severe depression. Concerned that he could not repeat the success of the mid-1940s, Rita once again quarreled with Cohn and left the “Columbia”. Two years later, humbling the pride, she returned to the studio and played in an excellent film “Pal Joey” compre with Frank Sinatra and Kim Novak. But it was, in fact, her latest success.
Hayworth often a psychoanalyst and began to drink. Everyone thought that the blues – just a whim of an aging movie star. In fact, it was much more serious. These were the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, which doctors have not been able to determine the time. The fatal negligence of Aesculapius, and as a result of the goddess of love slowly dilapidated, without even knowing what was happening to her.
By the early 1970s, she almost could not work – on the set of her “swan song” painting “the wrath of God” (1972) prompted her every remark. She died 15 years later in New York May 14, 1987, while in the care of her daughter Jasmine.

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