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Red Hot Chili Peppers is an American rock band formed in 1983 in California, vocalist Anthony Kiedis, bassist Michael Balzary (better known as flea), guitarist Hillela a Slovak and drummer Jack irons. The music combines elements of alternative rock, funk, punk rock and psychedelic music. Worldwide sold about 85 million albums of the group.
The first time the group drew the attention during a speech at the club “Rhythm Lounge” with the song “Out In L. A.”, where the Quartet immediately gained its first fans. After the group was renamed to “Red Hot Chili Peppers”. A few months after the premiere, the band signed a contract with EMI.
At the time, Slovak and irons were connected with another group “What Is This?”, which in turn is beneficial signed a contract with MCA. This forced them to leave the group, after which they were replaced by cliff Martinez (drums) and Jack Sherman (guitar). It should be noted that Jack Sherman differed in style of play from the “Red Hot Chili Peppers”.
The producer of the debut album “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” was Andy Gill. Jill had a lot of pressure on the group, resulting in between them there were tensions. Album “the Red Hot Chili Peppers” was released on 10 August 1984 and had no commercial success. A bad relationship between Kiedis and Sherman resulted in the dismissal of guitarist. But, fortunately, this time the returned Slovak.
The producer of the second album was George Clinton. Released 16 Aug 1985 album “Freaky Styley” was also not commercially successful, however, in contrast to its predecessor, more accurately reflects the style of RHCP. At this time, the group left cliff Martinez, and his place was taken by returning to the group, Jack irons.
The producer of the third album was made by Michael Beinhorn. Thanks to the original group, the new album “The Uplift Mofo Party Plan” released June 25, 1987, was a success. At the same time Slovakia had serious problems with drugs that led to his death on June 25, 1988. Death Hillela Slovakia became a great shock for the group, resulting in Kiedis left town, and Jack irons left the red hot chili peppers, saying that he “doesn’t want to be part of what is killing his friends”. Flea moved on to other projects.
After a while the group began work on a new album. It was necessary to find a new guitarist and drummer. Through a friend of Kiedis and flea went to John Frusciante (John Frusciante), hit them with their game to such an extent that the question of his participation in the group was instantly solved. Remained only to find a drummer. The group was advised to go to Chad Smith, which they chose after listening. In August 1989 he released a new album “Mother’s Milk”, which included songs in the future become hits. The album was dedicated to the memory of Slovak.
In 1990 the Red Hot Chili Peppers signed with Warner Bros and producer of the new album was Rick Rubin. At the time of writing the album, the band went into the mansion. 24 September 1991 he released the album “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” which became one of the best albums of the group. Red Hot Chili Peppers appeared on the cover of the leading magazines.
During one of the tours in Asia John announces his retirement. Replacement Frusciante was Arik Marshall, who was unable to fit in. After him, the group took Jesse Tobia, which also did not last long. In 1993 the group was invited Dave Navarro.
Then the Red Hot Chili Peppers prikupili to work on the album “One Hot Minute”. The album was released on September 12, 1995, and was commercially successful, and the song “Aeroplane”, “Warped” and “My Friends” became hits. The group takes part in the recording of soundtracks, such as “Hard Charger” for the film Howard stern, “Love Rollercoaster” to the cartoon “Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (Beavis and butt-head do America”), etc. In April 1998 Navarro left the band due to creative differences.
In April 1998, Flea visited John Frusciante and formally invited him back to the group. For the first time in six years, the group reunited. June 8, 1999 released seventh Studio album “Californication”, which became successful immediately after its release. Three songs became hits: “Scar Tissue”, “Otherside”, “Californication”. In 2000, the song “Scar Tissue” was awarded a Grammy in the category Best Rock Song. In 2001, the RHCP released their first DVD concert.
On 9 July 2002 was released the eighth album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers — “By the Way”. In 2006 he released “Stadium Arcadium”, won two Grammy awards. In early 2007, the Red Hot Chili Peppers won 5 Grammy nominations: “Best Rock album” (“Stadium Arcadium”), “Best song” (“Dani California”), “album of the year” (“Stadium Arcadium”), “Best video” (“Dani California”), “Best producer” (Rick Rubin).
Red Hot Chili Peppers returned to the Studio to record a new album October 12, 2009. According to Chad Smith, the band’s next album due out in 2010. 16 Dec 2009 it was officially announced about the withdrawal Frusciante from the group because classes solo career. The most likely candidate to take his place — a former session guitarist Josh Klinghoffer (eng. Josh Klinghoffer). January 2, 2010, he officially confirmed his membership in the group.
5 Jun 2011 it was officially announced that the new album is called “I’m with You” and will be released on 30 August 2011. The working title of the album was Dr. Johnny Skinz Disproportionately Rambunctious Polar Express Machine-head. Chad Smith tweeted it that the first single from the album “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” will sound on the radio on July 18.
Premiere of “I’m with You” was held on 30 August 2011 in Cologne. This concert was broadcast to cinemas around the world. The album received mixed reviews from critics — although most of them were positive, the maximum score was not awarded one of the prominent browsers. However, the band went on tour in great shape. The first part of the tour lasted until December 2011.

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