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Rats many of us associated with poor sanitation and mud, possibly because they are near human settle – in cellars, barns, ie where conditions are, frankly, not very hygienic. In addition, the rats living in basements, according to carriers of various unpleasant diseases, and thus constantly improve various means to combat this pest, also spoil the food and other items used by humans. This applies, above all, the most common species of rats – gray and black. But the main habitat for the rat is not a human habitation, and the tropical and subtropical forests. Recently, a common practice manual rats content at home. These rats, however, are the descendants of the very basement pests. There are also nurseries, where special breeds are derived breed rats. Such domestic rat, of course, are safe for the health of the host. They are easily tamed, willing to communicate with people, and even able to show affection and to enjoy playing.
Kingdom: Animals
Type: Chordates
Class: Mammals
Order: Rodents
Family: Mice
Subfamily: Mouse
Genus: Rats
Known species of rats – 56.
Rat – animal living, perhaps, in all corners of the world, except Antarctica. Some types of rats, such as gray, are still settling on the planet. Homeland of these animals, presumably, Southeast Asia, in these places, and they are especially prevalent near. At the time, the vast “conquer” the rats of the world contributed to the development of navigation. Rats traveled together with the people on the ships, and reached in this way to the Indian subcontinent, the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and East African ports. In Russia, the rats live everywhere, including the Altai, Baikal and northern Primorye. But their further spread to the north, probably prevented the harsh climate. In arid areas rats prefer to settle close to the people.
The history of the settlement of black rats, which the researchers were able to trace through the study of the biological features of this kind as a karyotype. Due to the different number of chromosomes were identified 4 main types of black rats from different localities: rat Asian, Ceylon, Oceanic and Mauritian.
As already stated, the black and gray rat – the most common species in the world. The main external characteristics of this family of mice as follows:. Body length of 8-30 cm, the tail is the same length, weight about half a kilogram. The average lifespan of a rat – 1, 5 years, but in the right conditions it lives up to 3 years. Decorative rat is a great variety of types and colors. They are classified according to color hair and eyes, the texture, presence or absence of fur. Gray rat – the largest species that can reach 40 cm in body length without the tail.. The black rat is less than half, has a narrow muzzle and a more rounded shape of the ears. Gray rat prefers to settle nearby reservoirs, digging deep, reaching the meter, and long – up to 5 meters – hole, where arranges nest of any available natural resources. Black rat settles close to the people. Sometimes this is called the roof rat, digging holes as she prefers to arrange the nest on the thatched roofs, trees or directly on the inside hollow. Particularly active, most species of rats develop night. They live mainly in the groups in which the bosses Senior male. Grey rat run fast enough (up to 10 km / h) and swim beautifully.
Rat – is an omnivore, it eats almost everything. Basically rats prefer vegetation, diversity of insects or their larvae, sometimes eat the meat of dead animals. Special love for the animal protein differs gray rat that can prey on smaller rodents ravage bird nests located low and even prone to cannibalism. Rats did not tolerate hunger, dying without food after 3-4 days. And, of course, being close to people, rats do not indulge in their food. Therefore, food home rat usually not difficult. To maintain vitamin-enriched diet is to give your home a rat raw and boiled vegetables, some grains, apples, cheese, boiled eggs and white bread.
Not for nothing in this speech there is a colorful revolution “had multiplied like rats”, characterized by a rapid and numerous spread of any phenomenon. Rats are extremely fertile and multiply, they are very fast, capable of producing offspring up to 8 times a year with the number of babies from 1 to 20. As well as rabbits, rats distinguishes biological characteristics of oestrus – the ability to fertilize a few hours after birth. Rat nurturing babies up to 30 days. Small birds are born blind, deaf and bare. In relation to the female offspring rats shows special care, ensure cleanliness, constantly licks and feeds the kids are extremely nutritious milk. Sometimes, several female rats promote the common offspring, extracted in one nest. The ability to reproduce their own kind more than 90% of female rats to reach 1 year, and their fertility is increasing every year. The peak of the breeding season in rats – is observed twice a year, in spring and autumn. In black rats, in contrast to the gray, slightly reduced fertility.
It is unlikely that any of us will have a desire to take care of the cellar rats. Most of these animals sickened. But decorative rat is quite able to be a little tender for another person. With correct and careful care of it practically does not smell like other rodents. Since the rat – a moving creature, even a cage for it to be spacious and even multi-storey with various adaptations for climbing – hammocks, ladders, tubes, ropes, etc. Life at least things in the cage for the rat – Autodrinking bowls, feeders and tray needs. Litter can serve any filler to whether the most common rodent sawdust. It would be nice to caged rats found a special place for swimming, because it is very fond of water. Clean up in the rat cage must be every day, and some krysovody sometimes advised to disinfect housing rodent. And of course, when the animal is already used to the constant presence of a person, it is necessary to produce a run. True to follow the walks rats should be carefully, otherwise some objects, such as wires, books, food may be tainted pet sharp teeth. From time to time you can make a rat on the street – the fresh air is good for the rodent.
In Hollywood films can be repeatedly observed laboratory experimental rats. Indeed, it is preferred to use the animal experiments, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, since the composition of rat blood, its genome, and some other features are similar to the human organism. On the whole, the quality of the rat – a fast metabolism, adaptability, non-aggressive – made it a popular target for biological experiments. These laboratory rat – Albino, that is completely white with reddish eyes.

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