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Childhood and youth

Priyanka Chopra is a star of Indian cinema, a young beauty, a model who could gain popularity not only in her native India, but also in Hollywood.

Priyanka was born on 07/18/1982 in the city of Jamshedpur, which is in the northeast of the Indian subcontinent. She was the first child of her parents, later a brother was born. Both parents worked as military doctors, were considered people of decent class and quite wealthy. But the living nature of Priyanka was not interesting to communicate with her peers, so she often ran to the slums to play with children from poor families. The girl looked at her parents and was also going to become a doctor, she even liked to care for the sick, so she often helped her mother with work.

Since the parents were liable for military service, from time to time they were transferred to other localities, so Priyanka also had to change schools. Moreover, father and mother had to serve not only in India, but also in the United States, where they had time to work in two states. She graduated from Priyanka High School in Mumbai, where she went to college.

Since childhood, the girl was distinguished by extraordinary beauty, and often gained the upper hand in school beauty contests, but she did not intend to build a model career. She loved to dance and sing, visited the drama theater and composed stories.

But the parents themselves made the decision for their daughter, secretly sending her photo to the Miss India-2000 contest. Of course, she went to the qualifying round without any problems, which was not at all surprised. But the passage to the final was already a surprise, not to mention the victory won at the competition. For the first time in her life, she had the opportunity to be under the lenses of so many television and cameras!

Then there was an exciting preparation for the Miss World contest held in London, in which, having overtaken more than a hundred competitors, she also won. At the time, Priyanka was only eighteen years old.

The beginning of a creative way

Before the girl opened up broad perspectives, about which she could not even think about before. For example, it was not long to wait for the first invitation to the cinema. She debuted at the age of 20 in the movie “Love above the Clouds” and even received an award as the best debutant. In this picture was taken and another beauty, who won in 2000, the title of Miss Universe.

In Indian Bollywood, they also became interested in a promising young girl and were soon invited to shoot Indian cinema, for a supporting role, with which she coped perfectly. However, both film projects did not bring Priyanka’s popularity, as they were not very successful. But viewers could see and love the sincere smile of an Indian beauty. Since the girl in life has always been sweet and sociable, then she looked directly on the screen, which could not but captivate the viewers. Priyanka Chopra in the movie “Barfi”

Her film career developed, she soon starred in another 6 Indian films of different genres, along with Bollywood celebrities. The paintings that brought the actress to the top of popularity in India were “Captive to Fashion” and “Close Friends”. After the release of these films, she entered the first echelon of Bollywood stars.

Her work in the film “Who are you on the zodiac sign?” Is interesting, because Priyanka had to play 12 roles in it at once. Nobody has done this before in world cinema, so the girl got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Years passed, and the actress was invited to star in the United States, in 2015, she got a role in the television series Quantico, in which she played a young FBI agent who is undergoing training on the basis of recruits. Priyanka Chopra on “Base Quantico”

Priyanka also showed herself as a solo performer, she has a really beautiful voice, like most Indian actresses. However, she was the first lucky enough to conclude a contract with an American record company. Her singles come out not so often, but each of them becomes a hit. She recorded some songs in a duet with famous American showbiz stars.

Priyanka always differed an active lifestyle, conducted social activities in her own country. In particular, she acted as an opponent of some Indian traditions, for example, fought for the equality of women compared to men in the field of education. Priyanka Chopra at the Oscar Awards

Being a wealthy lady, she invests a lot in charity, she is a member of the UN International Fund for Children and the Goodwill Ambassador.

Personal life

Priyanka has a bright, attractive appearance, so she never knew the release of men. She always had crowds of fans. At the same time the girl is smart and well educated.

She entered the hundreds of the most desirable women according to one online publication, and the first issue of Maxim magazine, published in India, decorated the photo of a young actress.

Priyanka had many novels, but she had never been married. Rumor attributed to her romance with many partners in the shooting, and said that the girl can easily enter into relationships with married men. Deceived wives found out about some of these novels and tried to resist, but this did not confuse the extravagant beauty.

However, how many novels Priyanka had was unknown for certain; the girl does not like to talk about her personal life and keeps her as secretly as possible. And since journalists love the news “hotter”, every time they notice a beautiful woman in the company of a man, they immediately attribute to her a new novel. So, in particular, rumors about Priyanka’s novel with Hollywood celebrity Gerard Butler were born. But Chopra never met serious love, so she has not yet started a family.

Priyanka loves animals, especially dogs, and three years ago she took the lioness and the tigress from the zoo.

At the end of 2016, Chopra became one of the highest paid actresses, her income last year was 11 million dollars.

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