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Pedro Armendariz

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Pedro Armendariz was born in Mechikov may 9, 1912, in the midst of the Mexican revolution. His parents were the usual Mexican Pedro Armendariz Garcia-Conde and a resident of America Adela Hastings. It is worth noting that the star of Mexican cinema – actress Gloria Marin was his cousin.
Young Armendariz lived in a suburb of Mexico city, but in 1921 his parents moved to Texas. Parents died when he was only 9 years old, and he came to be raised in the house of his uncle Francisco. In 1931 he graduated from the faculty of engineering at the state Polytechnic University. Over time, under the leadership of a talented Director Emilio Fernandez and Pedro Armendariz and a young actress, Dolores del río became the symbol of Mexican cinema, known to film enthusiasts from different corners of the globe. Tall brunette with bright blue eyes Armendariz became a model of male beauty and masculinity. He is well spoken in foreign languages, and was very literate and well-read man.
He has played many wonderful roles in wonderful movies. In 1948 he received an honorary film award “Silver Ariel” for his role in the drama called “Pearl”. And another one for shooting in the film “Cloak of solitude” in 1952.
In 1938, Pedro Armendariz married the young actress Carmelita Bohr, and I lived with her for 25 years, until the tragic death of their son. He was born in 1940 and also became a pretty in demand actor, having acted in one part “James Bond” in 1989.
The last work of the great Armendaris was the role in the film about James bond – “From Russia with love” which was filmed in 1963. The main role was played by the well-known Sean Connery, but Armendaris got the role, his friend and ally Kerim Shaving. But during the shoot he was already terminally ill severe form of cancer, and by the end of filming felt so bad that some of the scenes had to play the understudy.
The story of his illness happy, interesting and unusual. In 1954, the actor participated in the filming of the epic painting “the Conqueror”.
While they were filming in Utah, in neighbouring Nevada, the government conducted nuclear tests. Apparently, it is for this reason most of the people who participated in the film production including performers of leading roles, became ill some form of cancer, over the next 25 years. 46 people later died from cancer.
After a short period of time after the shoot Pedro Armendariz, began to experience severe pain in the hips, and only years later it was discovered that his body riddled with cancer. His condition was very severe, and the disease has reached the stage when all methods of treatment are powerless. The shooting in the “James Bond”, he agreed in order to provide for his family, because at that moment he knew that his death was imminent.
18 June 1963, 51-year-old actor shot himself in the heart of the weapons secretly carried to the house, to avoid heavy and painful death.

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