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Early years
Anna Marie Duke was born on December 14, 1946 in the New York borough of Queens, the son of Francis and cashier taxi driver John Patrick Duke. Her father was Irish, and maternal grandmother – German.
Her family was not very successful: his father was suffering from alcoholism and her mother were frequent depression and besides, she was prone to violence. When Anne Marie was six years old her mother left her husband, taking with him a daughter.
In vosmiletnem age Patty agents found John and Ethel Ross, razglyadevshy her talent and decided to make it a little actress. They then become a de facto guardian for her, and changed her name to stage Patty Duke, hoping that it will reach the same success as Patty McCormack.
Her acting career began on television in one of the soap operas. The first major role of Patty was in the Broadway play “The Miracle Worker”, a role which she played for two years. In 1962 came the film adaptation of the play also with Patti in the title role, which earned her the award “Oscar” as “Best Actress” and “Golden Globe”, as “the best aspiring actress.” In 1963, Patti began leading his own TV show «The Patty Duke Show», which lasted three seasons on the air and preneslo her first nomination for “Emmy.”
Patty Duke in the movie “The Miracle Worker” (1962)
But despite a successful career in the private life of the Duke had problems. Her agent, John and Ethel Ross, actually ruled her life and jobs. Patti and her mother received from them only a pittance to live. In addition, thanks to them in the life of Patty appeared alcohol, because of which in the future, she had a big problem. Free from his agent, it was only in the age of eighteen.
Then Patti took singing career, recording several songs, even got into the Top 40, including «Do not Just Stand There» in 1965 and «Dona Dona» in 1968. In 1970, she received her first award ” Emmy “for his role in” My dear Charlie, “a television movie.
In subsequent years, Duke has worked mainly in television, appearing in many films and television series, starring with only a few times in the bolshm screen. The most famous of her film roles have become Natalie Miller in the film “I, Natalie” (1969), which earned her the second “Golden Globe” and Rita in “Roy” movie (1978).
In 1985, Duke was elected president of the Guild of screen actors in the post which was, until 1988, she is also the author of two books: his autobiography «Call Me Anna» and «Brilliant Madness: Living with Manic Depressive Illness».
In 2002, Patti appeared on Broadway in the role of Aunt Eller in the musical “Oklahoma!”. In December 2007, she was awarded an honorary doctorate at the University of North Florida for his work in the field of mental health.
Personal life
At the age of 18 years, Patti married director Harry Falk, who at the time was 31. At the same time she began a drinking problem, which is also accompanied by several suicide attempts. This led to the fact that four years later the marriage broke up. In 1970-ies. Patty had a romantic relationship with actor John Astin. She also met with the son of Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Jr., Relations with which they were not durable, as Daisy’s mother actively opposed it.
In 1970 she married a promoter Michael Tell, marriage with whom has been revoked within two weeks. Soon, Patti said that pregnant. The press reported that the father of the child is Desi Arnaz Jr., Although the Duke claimed that John Astin. February 25, 1971 she gave birth to her first son Sean.
In 1972, Patti married John Astin, who recognized his son Sean and Patty in 1973 bore him a second son, Mackenzie. During the marriage, John and Patty have worked together. Duke even added to the name of her husband’s last name. In 1977 she became the winner of the second “Emmy” for his role in the miniseries “Captains and the Kings”, and in 1980 again received the award for her role in the TV version of the film “The Miracle Worker.” In 1985, Patti divorced John Astin and one year for the third time married for Sergeant Michael Pierce and moved to Idaho, where they are together engaged in education of her younger son.
Patty had mental health problems. In 1982, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But thanks to timely and quality treatment, her health returned to normal over time.

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