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Patrick George Considine – British writer, director, actor, better known as Paddy Considine (born Paddy Considine.).
Born in Staffordshire, UK, September 5, 1973. He studied at the primary school, then the school of Joseph Clark Junior High School of Abbot and Bane. In 1990 he received a National Diploma in acting school. In my first year in university Vinshilskom Considine met Shane Meadows, which subsequently began to cooperate. In 1994, Paddy went to the University of Brighton. There he received the first digit of the operator, graduated from Faculty of Arts and Architecture.
Returning from Brighton, Paddy Considine has received a proposal from the Meadows to play in a few short films. In 1999 Paddy played the role of Morella in the film of his friend “for Romeo Bressa room.” In 2004, Considine Meldous and co-wrote the script for the film “Dead Man’s Shoes” which starred Paddy. Considine role in “A Room for Romeo Brass’ has not gone unnoticed – director Pavel Pawlikowski invited him to star in the movie” The last refuge “in 2000. For the role of Alfie in this tape Paddy Considine won the prize in the category “Best Actor” at the Film Festival in Thessaloniki. In 2005, Paddy Considine has been voted the best British actor in the «Empire Awards» delivery.
In 2006, Paddy Considine has played in the Spanish thriller “Forest of Shadows”, where his partner was the distinguished British actor Gary Oldman, as he appeared in the drama “Plutonium-239” on the Russian black market weapons-grade plutonium. The executive producers of the last paintings were Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney. Paddy Considine also starred in music videos (in particular, «Leave Before The Lights Come On» «Arctic Monkeys» group). In 2007, the actor landed a role in the comedy “Hot Fuzz,” Edgar Wright and Simon Pega.

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