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Overwatch : Symmetra

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Real name: Satya Vashvani, Age: 28 years
Occupation: architect
Operational base: Utopia (India)
Affiliation: Vishkar Corporation
“Mess – this is the true enemy of humanity.”
Symmetra in the literal sense distorts reality. By manipulating the structures of “hard” light, it creates the world, which wants to see him, hoping to create an ideal society.
After Rise of the Machines Vishkar South Indian corporation began a laborious process of creating a new type of self-sustaining city that can accommodate destitute war inhabitants of the country. One of these cities, called Utopia, was built using a revolutionary technology “hard” light, allowing architects to change the blink of an eye the outlines of its streets, houses and buildings.
Young Sathya Vashvani selected as one of the few architects who are able to work with “hard” light, snatched the girl from the terrible bondage of poverty and placing under the wing of the Academy of Architecture Corporation Vishkar. She was not destined to return home. He lived in seclusion Sathya fully devoted herself to learning and training. She quickly grasp the practical applications of the technology and was one of the best students of his course. It had its own, different from the classical approach to work with “hard” light: while all create templates mechanistic design, it works, inspired by the movements of traditional dances of her native land.
While Sathya was one of the leading architects of Utopia, Vishkar Corporation saw it much more potential. She was given the name of symmetry, and began to send to different parts of the world on secret assignment objectives were protection of the interests of the corporation and spread its influence on other countries.
Symmetra sincerely believes that its actions are for the benefit of society, but sometimes it is in doubt in the fact that control and order, which it craves – it’s really good.

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