Overwatch : Soldier: 76 Widescreen

Overwatch : Soldier: 76

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Real name: unknown Age: unknown
Occupation: Avenger
Operational base: unknown
Affiliation in the past – Overwatch
“All we have now – the soldiers.”
Meet another hero of the game universe Overwatch, his name – Soldier 76. This unit is on the international wanted list and is considered one of the most dangerous criminals. It moves them only one goal, to get to the real causes, which served as the dissolution of the organization Overwatch.
On account of Soldier 76 several attacks on the underground organizations, financial institutions and sensitive sites Overvoch. No one has any precise information who is behind the mask and what their motives are driven. However, there is a theory according to which soldiers 76 one of the former agents Overwatch and his actions, he tries to uncover a plot to destroy him the organization.
Soldier 76 has extremely high physical data in its arsenal is the different weapons including the latest weapons and prototypes stolen them from the military laboratories. There is speculation that he has been trained on the unique American program to improve soldiers.
Despite the mystery of the character, one thing is certain, that the soldier 76 does not stop not before than in an attempt to track down those responsible for the collapse of the Overwatch.
Pulse Rifle – a great reliable weapon possessing keenness even when shooting in auto mode.
Missile strike – powerful attack consisting of a salvo of rockets, flying in a spiral. With the explosion of the damage gets all the contestants are in the affected area.
Sprint – a great ability when you need to quickly leave the battlefield, or to return to it. However, it is worth remembering that Sprint works only when you are moving forward.
Biotic Field – located on the ground and restores health points to all who are in the scope of the field.
Tactical visor – ultra-precise targeting module allows the Soldier to take 76 in sight near the goal closest to the crosshairs. If the enemy leaves the field of view, the visor has the ability to quickly switch to another opponent.

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