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Overwatch : Roadhog

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Real name: Mako Rutledge, Age: 48
Occupation: bodyguard, in the past – bandit
Operational base: in the past – Dzhankertaun, Australia
Affiliation in the past – Vultures
“I am – walking the apocalypse.”
Roadhog – a cruel and ruthless killer who does not need a good reason to destroy everything in its path.
Mako Rutledge was one of many people in the Australian Outback, who were evicted from their lands for the construction of the new Omnia. After completion of the Rise of the Machines government adopted a controversial decision to give the land robots, nearly destroyed the entire country, in the hope to conclude with them a long-term peace agreement. As a result, Mako and many other inhabitants of the Outback, a business of solar energy collection and wanted only one thing – to be left alone, lost their homes.
Outraged, they revolted. Having formed the so-called Liberation Front of Australia, they began to fight with robots who inhabited omniyu, and tried to drive them from their ancestral lands. The situation became more tense, and eventually managed to hold the men FOA diversion in the reactor core Omnia, which led to its explosion. The explosion destroyed the very omniyu, contaminated by radiation surrounding its territory and falling asleep adjoining land mangled wreckage for many kilometers around.
The transformation of his home in the post-apocalyptic wasteland forever changed Mako.
Adapting to the new environment, he fashioned an oxygen mask, and saddled his old bike and leaned on the broken rob Outback roads. Gradually he lost the last remnants of humanity. Thus he died Mako appeared ruthless killer nicknamed Roadhog.

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