Overwatch : Reaper High

Overwatch : Reaper

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Real name: unknown Age: unknown
Occupation: Mercenary
Operational base: unknown
Affiliation: unknown
“Death is always there.”
Rumors about dressed in a black robe terrorist nicknamed Reaper. His identity and motives remain a mystery. About the only thing it knows that its appearance portends death.
Reaper – elusive mercenary, cruel and ruthless killer, a hand in the terrorist attacks around the world. Over the past decade, he has participated in many armed conflicts, without showing any commitment to some ideas or organizations.
Surviving in the fighting told of a black ghost, which came out unscathed from the most horrible alterations. corpses left to them – it is desolate, lifeless shell with degraded cells. Perhaps it is a side effect of a failed genetic experiment, in which the cells of his body at the same time decomposed and recovered at an incredible rate.
Those who are trying to keep track of his movements, found some logic in his appearance: it seems Reaper hunts former agents organization «Overwatch» and systematically destroys them.

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