Overwatch : McCree Background

Overwatch : McCree

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Real name: Jesse McCree, Age: 37 years
Occupation: headhunter
Operational base: Santa Fe (United States, New Mexico)
Affiliation in the past – Overwatch
“Justice itself will not recover.”
Jesse McCree male 37 years, armed with a revolver bearing the name “The Peacemaker”, the hero considers himself a fighter for a just cause, and justice is served in the Blackwatch division.
In the recent past, McCrea was involved in the dirty work that cranks along with a gang of liquidators. During contraband arms shipments transportation of their employees caught Overwatch. He was given a choice to go to jail or join the ranks of the top-secret unit called Blackwatch, that chose McCree.
After spending some time in the service, he believed that sooner or later will be able to make amends for all his past misdeeds. The division he fit in the best, because in fact the employees were allowed to circumvent the existing laws and to work according to their rules. After some time when the organization Overwatch began to lose its former power and influence, the formation of Blackwatch became independent, and Jesse decided to lay low.
Several years later, among the many mercenaries there was one, men in cowboy hat with a big gun. In McCree their code of honor, and he is not taken for the case, which it considers contrary to this Code.
Peacemaker – the main weapon of the character. Revolver in the cage has 6 bullets, has a great power able to pierce any armor.
Tumble – the hero performs a somersault, and at this time to recharge the weapon, all this last fraction of a second.
Stun grenades – stun grenade allows you to disorient opponents.
Sharpshooter – McCree stops for a while, then starts to shoot at the enemies in sight. The ability to have a great power and is able to penetrate even the strongest heroes.

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