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Overwatch : Hanzo

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Real name: Handzo Shimada, Age: 38 years
Occupation: Mercenary, killer
Operational base: Hanamura (Japan)
Affiliation: Shimada clan
“Each death is honor, and honor atones for the guilt.”
In pursuit of excellence Handzo Shimada continuously hones skills of archery and silent killing.
The history of the Shimada, clan killers, whose power has grown over the years but, lost in the mists of time. They built a huge criminal empire that flourished due to the sale of weapons and drugs. Handzo, the eldest son of the head of the clan, had to eventually take the place of his father. A natural leader, an expert on strategy and tactics, from an early age he was preparing for this post. But at least he succeeded in more practical areas: martial arts, possession of the sword and archery.
When Handzo father died, clan elders instructed the young man to return to the fold of his younger brother and together they rule the empire Shimada. But the brother rejected his offer, and Handzo was forced to kill him. The incident struck a young man so much that he gave up his father’s inheritance and left the clan and all to which he so diligently prepared.
Now Handzo wanders through the world, perfecting martial art and trying to restore their honor to upokoit last ghosts of the past.

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