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Possum (Latin – belongs to a family of mammalian kind of marsupials is very ancient and the most specific marsupials There they presumably at the end of the Cretaceous period, now all the possums living in the New World after the emergence of the isthmus which connected South America with North most of the representatives…. marsupials disappeared in competition with moving from the north to the animals managed to survive a close relative of possums possums of America -.. krysovidny opossum also secrete a dwarf, Australian, Virginia opossum..

How are possums?
Animal itself is small. The length 7,5-50 cm, tail 5-56 cm. Muzzle pointed, elongated. The tail is sometimes completely and sometimes only at the end of the bald, exciting, and it happens that at the base of enlarged fat deposits. The body covers a small, but thick fur, which color goes from gray to yellowish-brown to black. The limbs are short, five-fingered. With paws Zadeh developed a better front. It has 50 teeth.

Where live possums?
Habitats extend from the south-east of Canada and to Argentina, as well as in the Antilles. Forests and semi-desert steppe zone – loved their habitats. Less common in the highlands. In nature, there is a kind of water opossums. Active animal exhibits are most at night. He leads a lonely life, except during mating.

Features of behavior.
The tail is used for possum fifth foot on it, he often weighs down his head.
Pets are omnivorous or insectivorous. An interesting fact is that the opossum good actor. If he is scared, immediately falls to the ground and shows the dead. At the same time, let the foam from his mouth, his eyes glaze over, and with the anal glands starts smelling disgusting secret. This sophisticated trick often saves the life of animals.

The contents in the home.
Better plant up to 2 months of age.
Opossum – a small, but active animal. It requires a lot of space and need a spacious cage, where it will warm up.
Opossum needed company. so if the house is home to one opossum, the owners are forced to take on the role of a companion. But if you have got two animals, the cage should be larger. Better plant up to 2 months of age.

And now the most enjoyable part – the photo gallery. Opossums – different kinds of animals.

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