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Offworld Trading Company

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Obvious incredible: now some games before the release of version 1.0 have time to go through a few sales. I remember the first time Offworld Trading Company caught my eye during the Steam Summer Sale. Strategy about commercial Martian colony looked tempting, but then “another tycoon”, and even Early Acceess, against a background of wholesale purchase anything, proved uncompetitive.
Then, as has already appeared in the autumn of the same OTC bought with the next theme party discount and beta patches included. But in the fall, you know, left a lot to AAA caliber; Hands reached just twirl a couple of hours on the cam ill understood deserts.
Back to the pro game I remembered only for the New Year, in connection with the ordinary discount, yes. Oddly enough, in the release version of Steam is not ripe yet. Available – for the customer number 0.9981. Pa-and-achti, so ready. It’ll do.
To understand exactly what needs to be addressed in Offworld Trading Company, from the absolutely impossible. The screenshots seen Civilization. Step-by-step strategy? The promotional video in real time to and fro, and the developers scurry kosmobarzhi. Tycoon about truckers?
It turned out, neither the first nor the second. It is still an economic strategy in real time, but not about transportation, but about the zerg-rashi.
Party OTC – is fleeting competition between several colonizers of Mars individual sector. Pass bodaniya in two stages, the first of which – building their own infrastructure. We choose where to dig in our office, to start up the electricity, begin to pump resources and develop the industry. Each database has its own infrastructure ceiling, which should ideally be achieved within five minutes to ten. The second big thing on the map – so if we wins back the campaign, the execution of state orders for distillation or, in the case of a “sandbox, squeezing competitors’ cards. And then, and another is achieved by draining on the Altar of Victory accumulated money and resources. If you strongly want, you can even parallel pospamit saboteurs competitors.
Shallow compared to most other OTC tycoon economy suddenly starts to tighten, when you realize that the game wants you to do fast and competent actions executed with precision, greater inherent fighting strategies. The habit of deliberately set the building at the same rate breakeven organize production and spreading out to meditate on an anthill in anticipation of success, breaking his knee in the first mission. Then you pretend to be, and performs “builds” chase camera on the map, and squeeze all the juice out bonuses chosen faction. And under such sauce Offworld Trading Company is already working!
This fun game is great tempo manifests itself in a campaign where all missions (except rasposledny) on the one hand require extremely profitable colonial economy, and on the other – do not give long overstay on a single card. But once you get to the final job or just to get into the local sandbox, and the above-described high-speed development of Mars gives the opposite effect. For ten or fifteen (or even less) minutes of the blitzkrieg economic inevitably comes the calm, and do on location becomes absolutely nothing. Well, except to stick on the little plus and minusiki in the sales menu.
Actually in OTC trading on all sides primitive. Accumulated surplus resources – merged products on the market – bought to rescue a pack of foreign shares. Little witty insert type of hacker attacks on the general stock market, a variety of custom-made pirate raids on competitors and auctions every bonuses again, a great variety of aggressive expansion stage and almost do not make the weather on the already divided between the players card.
However, Tao Martian commercial rush must also comprehend and boredom endgame rolls not at once. Hybrid economic strategy came not very long-running, but still interesting, and spent ten hours and two hundred rubles rasprodazhnyh Offworld Trading Company post factum your humble appeared never sorry.

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