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Nissan Maxima 8

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Nissan Motor Company LTD, in April on autoshow NYIAS 2015 officially unveiled the eighth iteration of its new flagship Nissan Maxima. Opinion Autoexpert surprisingly unanimous – Japanese innovation has surpassed all expectations and is almost an exact replica of its prototype – the show car Nissan Sport Sedan Concept.
As the name of the concept, now the image of the former business sedan – “four-door sports car.” The new Maxima was another car company, received appearance in full compliance with corporate identity, developed by chief designer Shiro Nakamura, Nissan.
Stylish, high-speed, emphasized the aggressive nature of the model is supported by not only a charismatic appearance, but also borrowed from the legendary sports car GT-R technical solutions. This also applies to substantially upgraded suspension and 60% recycled engine and the use of excess of strong lightweight materials in the body structure.
Designers of Nissan Motor managed to ease the weight of the car by 37 kg. with respect to the precursor. Now fitted out Maxima weighs only 1576 kg. In this body, according to the manufacturer, it became stronger by 25%. In addition, in order to improve the safety cage is reinforced with additional auto racks front and rear.
Maxima and the Blue Angels
While working on the car Maxima team of designers, made friends with the masters of aerobatics aviation group Blue Angels of the US Navy. The result of this friendship was the body of Maxim index A36.
With its sleek, front bumper, grille beak and accentuated with a chrome lip in the form of the V, car becomes really similar to a fighter jet cockpit.
Faceted vyshtampovka hood lines and side lines, LED head optics in the form of brackets and a stop off on the wings of the boomerang at the stern, understated rear rack and compact austere rear of the car – all suggestive of the rapid super-jets.
Complete the picture of the 18-bit or 19-inch wheels of the “winged metal” and chromed double exhaust pipe.
Size matters
Despite the temptation to make a more compact car, claiming to be the sporty image, Nissan Maxima 2016 is still a roomy family sedan, which will accommodate five passengers with maximum comfort.
Overall vehicle dimensions correspond to its class: 4897mm length, width 1860mm, height 1435mm. The wheelbase is 2126mm. Volume of cargo compartment 405l., No record of course, but quite sufficient.
Probably, the Japanese desire to bring stagnant Maxima to a higher level, due to the fact that in the line of business-class sedan Nissan has another car of similar size is the Teana. Now they are in different weight categories, because in addition to sporting appearance of Maxim and was drayvovy character.
The heart and other vital organs
“Flaming engine» Nissan Maxima is a 3.5L, V-shaped series of Six VQ capacity of 300 hp and maximum torque of 354Nm. Although, such an impressive performance, powertrain surprisingly economical – the claimed fuel consumption in combined cycle just 7,8l. per hundred.
V-shaped series of Six VQ capacity of 300 hp
Unitized is a miracle of the Japanese-French technique variativnoj Xtronic transmission, already run-in many models of the family. Do not rule out the manufacturer and the emergence of future Nissan Maxima with a hybrid power plant. Suspension is fully independent, front MacPherson struts equipped and multi-link rear system.
As with all previous generations, Maxima 2016 model year will be equipped with front-wheel drive only.
Maximalny comfort
Salon Nissan Maxima 8 raskoshen. finishing materials are impeccable – elite leather, soft Alcantara, precious wood, brushed aluminum, texture pleasant to the touch plastic. Decorated in a laconic style of the classic British automobile interiors in the spirit of supercars Bentley or Aston Martin.
Colors emphatically aristocratic. Front row, comfortable sports seats with strong lateral support and numerous adjustments.
The center console, made in the style of the Murano updated, slightly deployed to the driver. Functionally, filled with massive floor tunnel divides the front part of the passenger compartment on the driver’s and the passenger part. Special attention attracts truncated at the bottom of the compact multifunctional steering wheel.
Sofa back row for up to three Sedakov, very comfortable, and the back seat is enough even for large people. Inside, the new Nissan Maxima surprisingly quiet. This was achieved using a multi-layer impervious glass sounds, additional sound insulation of the engine compartment, wheel arches and a specially developed door seal.
Adds comfort and audio system «Bose» with the active suppression of external noise and sound amplification.
Nissan Motor Company, whose corporate slogan sounds like «Innovation that excites», which literally translates as “innovations that excite” is eager to justify it. Perhaps that is why, in every new car Nissan family are concentrated all possible Fidler innovative systems.
Maxima in this sense, is no exception. Here are the most interesting, in terms of innovation, comfort systems, entertainment and security offered by the manufacturer:
Advanced Drive-Assist Display – color 7 inch TFT screen on the instrument panel;
Nissan Vehicle Securite System – an advanced integrated security system;
Intelligent Cruise Control – intelligent cruise control with the ability to recognize obstacles and emergency braking;
NissanConnekt – multimedia complex with a 12-inch touch screen and the ability to integrate a smartphone, including applications and content;
Chassis Control – system of distribution of torque to the chassis;
Park Assist – automatic jockey;
Safety Shield – complex traffic safety, which includes a variety of systems, such as for example: control of driver fatigue (the system will beep and will draw a cup of coffee on the display), motion control tiering, to prevent a frontal collision, Automatic beam, etc. .
Start of sales
Become the happy owners of Nissan Maxima, before all the tradition, the Americans will be able to – in the summer of 2015. The starting price in the base S for the US announced $ 33 235, the maximum Platinum will be sold from 40 685 $.
In Europe, cars will arrive in the fall.

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