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New year – the most favorite holiday for millions of people from different countries. This is one of those rare days in the year when almost the whole world is busy with the same: all watch the clock, drink champagne and enjoy new year’s like there was a real possibility that he for some unknown reasons did not come.
The secret of such popularity is very simple: new year’s day – a time when even adults are allowed to believe in miracles. This “permission” comes from the depth of centuries, which to us is hard to imagine: it is believed that the New year is one of the first holidays of all mankind. The earliest documentary evidence dates back to the third Millennium BC, it is known that the New year is celebrated, for example, in Mesopotamia. But historians believe that the holiday is ancient, and therefore our Christmas traditions, at least 5 000 years.
New year, in the form in which it is known to us, hails from Ancient Egypt. For centuries, the Egyptians celebrated the September flood of the river Nile, which marked the beginning of a new planting season and was extremely important and vital event. Even then, it was decided to arrange a night of celebration with dancing and music, to give each other gifts.
1 January became the first day of the New year under Julius Caesar in the new calendar this month was named after the two-faced God Janus, one head of which looks to the past and the other in the future. It is believed that then became the custom to decorate the house.
However, worldwide the New year for many centuries noted either in early spring or late autumn – in accordance with agricultural cycles. In Russia, for example, to the XV century beginning of the year was celebrated on 1 March.
In 1600, the holiday was moved to fall, and after a hundred years, about the same time that throughout Europe, Peter I issued a decree on universal celebration of the New year on 1 January. He also commanded to make this day fireworks and festivities.
There is a legend that when England passed at the January celebration of the New year, revolt women in the Kingdom: they thought unjust the government’s intention to allow each of them a few months of age. Men laughed, but the solutions have not changed.
Throughout the Christian world a New year – a little minor celebration, the main winter event is Christmas. That is why the inhabitants of most European countries give each other gifts on 25 December, and family dinners suit on Christmas eve.
So it was in Russia, but in the era of the Soviet Union to celebrate Church events, it was actually banned, and New year’s quickly became the most important and most beloved of all legal holidays. Thanks to this his self-importance, after the return of Christmas in the category of public holidays, we got the longest weekend in the world – 10 days.
The residents of most Western countries already January 2 go to work. And those of you who celebrate lunar new year or purely national calendar – the Chinese, Japanese, Jews, and even in these days of no rest. January 1, adults go to office and children to school.
Baby Christmas traditions from around the world
French baked Christmas cake Bob: the one who will get it, gets the title of “bean king” and the right to give orders throughout the festive night. Adults try podgadat so that Bob went to the child.
In Bulgaria it is customary to make new year’s children’s festival. Guys make wands of dogwood, decorate them with red thread, a head of garlic, nuts, dried fruit and coins and run with them around. They come into the house to the neighbors and Snitch sticks on the backs of the owners: it is believed that Pat brings good fortune, health and well-being.
The protagonist of the new year carnival in Colombia is a year Old. He walks on high stilts through the streets going past and tells the children funny stories.
In Norway children are waiting for gifts from the goats. So on the night before the New year they are preparing her meal, leaving in their boots a bit of hay. In the morning instead of dry grass they find in them gifts.
In Cuba before the New year, the children fill jugs, buckets, basins and bowls of water to at midnight with their parents pour the water from the Windows. It is believed that in this way people thank the outgoing year for all the good that he brought to them.
Food is an important part of Christmas celebrations in Mexico. So, at midnight, each child should receive and eat a big gingerbread doll.

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