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Nebahat Chekhre: biography
The biography of the Turkish folk artist Nebahat Chekhre resembles a fairy tale: a girl from a poor family who was raised without a father, in the future could independently become a star in the sky of cinema.

In the brown-eyed woman’s filmography, there are more than 80 works, but the brunette Russian audience is remembered by the historical TV-show “Magnificent Century”. Chechre admired by women around the world, and even young ladies envy the beauty of ageless film star.

Childhood and youth
In the port city of Samsun, located on the Black Sea coast, a small middle-class Turkish family was born on March 15, 1944, who later became one of the most famous Turkish actresses. Little is known from the biography of the star’s parents: Mother Museyen kept the household and raised children (Nebahat and her younger brother Orhan), and Father Izzet, a native of Georgia, worked as a lawyer.

When the girl was 5 years old, her father died because of heart disease, so the actress almost does not remember what her dad looked like. After the death of her husband, the mother of the future actress could not bear the family burden and lack of money, so she and the children moved to the city of great opportunities – Istanbul. In the port city of Museyen again married a man who worked as a judge, but their relationship was unsuccessful.

In 1960, the girl’s mother began to live with a journalist, with whom Nebahat had warm relations, she never felt like a stranger in the presence of her stepfather. But, nevertheless, the young Chekhre was often sad and remembered her own father, because even friendly relations with her stepfather are not capable of replacing the love of their father. The actress has often admitted in an interview that children should grow up in a full and happy family.

As a child, the future star of the series “The Magnificent Century” took care of two brothers (native and step-by-side Tauar), and also helped around the house. According to Nebahat’s memories, she grew up as a shy and modest child, and in order to become more confident, at the age of 15, she took part in the large-scale beauty contest “Miss Turkey” and, at the expense of her creative abilities and appearance, bothered the first place. This event affected the future fate of the future actress. The girl was shot for the covers of glossy magazines, as well as invited to fashion shows of clothes.

Nebah Chekhre became the model of imitation for the female, and young fans often asked for autographs on the street at the national star.

Later, in 1960 and 1965, Nebahat tried to win prizes in the competitions “Miss World” and “Miss Universe”, but the Turkish beauty could not reach the final.

Most of the time the Turkish woman spent on a career model, but she had enough strength to study: Nechbat successfully graduated from high school and entered the evening studies at Fatih, where she later developed her creative abilities and stage skills.

After a successful career in the beauty industry in 1962, Nebahat Chekhre decides to change roles and comes to the casting of the film “The Bird Unwillingly” directed by Yumit Utku. On viewing the actresses, the writers could not help but notice the titled Turkish model, so the girl wondered the leading role. After the success of the melodrama, the shooting proposals fell on the beginning actress one by one, only at the beginning of her career, Miss Turkey appeared in seven full-length films.

Thus, in the period from 1962 to 1971, films with a Turkish woman came out annually, and the face of Nebahat became recognizable outside Turkey. Among the best early works of the brown-eyed Turkish woman are the Land of Brides (1968), The Red Mask (1968), The Iron Claw of the Spy Wars (1969), The Warrior Without A Name (1970), etc.

In 1988, the Turkish beauty comes a long break in acting: a woman has not participated in the filming of films for 13 years. The 44-year-old lady was less likely to be invited to the cinema, so Nebahat decides to end up with an acting career and start running a household.

In 2001, Nebahat Chekhre returns to shoot and shines again on Turkish television screens, a woman plays a role in the TV series Yeni hayat, directed by Jemal Shahn, and in 2002 the drama “My Rose” was released, where the Turkish actress starred as a second plan.

Nechbat also participates in the multi-part film “June Night”, the movie “Last Night I Had a Dream” (2006) and was filmed in the miniseries “Broken Hearts” (2006).

In 2008, the Turkish actress plays the role of the first plan – Firdevs Yoreoglu in the large-scale project “Forbidden Love”.

The romantic series, which was filmed for two years, became popular outside Turkey, the work of director Hilal Sarala was broadcast in Slovakia, Romania, Morocco, Ukraine and other countries.

After the resounding success of “Forbidden Love”, Nebahat is invited to the shooting of the series “The Magnificent Age” (2011-2014), which makes the actress recognizable in Russia and European countries.

In the historical drama, Chekhre played the role of the mother of Sultan Suleiman – Valide Sultan.

Personal life
Nebahat Chekhre was married twice, but the brown-eyed woman and the spouses never had a relationship.

The actress met the first spouse in 1964, they became Yılmaz Güney, a Turkish director and screenwriter. The star of the television series came together with the second lover in the 70s, the player of the basketball club Yavuz Demir became the choice of the brunette.

Both marriages broke up due to the fault of Nebahat, the woman was not ready to sacrifice a movie career that her lover did not like, so Chekhre had no children and grandchildren.

In addition to acting, Nehbat also has another talent – singing, at one time she even recorded several hits and became popular in the music world.

Nebahat Chekhre now
In 2017, at 73 years old, Nebahat Chekhre looks amazing, fans believe that the actress will not give more than fifty. As the TV star admits, there are no special secrets of beauty, everything got from mom and dad. But in one interview, Nebahat admitted that she had been making face plastics many years ago.

Nebahat Chekhre is actively leading a page on Instagram, where he puts the latest news about his work, photos and videos from filming and regular walks.

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