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Biography Nathalie Kelley
Nathalie Kelley was born March 3, 1985 in Lima, Peru. Australian film actress. He became famous for his role as Neela (Neela) in the film “Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.” Charming brunette instantly won the hearts of the representatives of the male audience. Growth actress – 170 centimeters. Zodiac sign – Pisces.
Natalie’s mother is originally from Peru and his father – a native of Argentina. His parents divorced when Natalie was still a child. His mother married an Irishman, and he took them to Australia. Luckily Natalie had a chance to study in the same school as Nicole Kidman – “North Sydney Girls High School on Sydney’s north shore”. Since then, the thought of acting career did not leave the girl: from the age of thirteen years her efforts were directed on to become an actress. At the age of sixteen Natalie earned through salsa. She was a master of this Latin American dance – and successfully performed in front of an audience. Thanks to earn money, Kelly had saved for the continuation of education at the school, because I understand – to become a star, you need to study hard. Later, Natalie participated in the competition called “The Miss Latin America competition” – and became its winner. Contest Prize – $ 1,000 to help start a career as an actress – Natalie moved to Brazil to study acting. Three years later, the actress returned to Sydney.
Kelly studied at the University of New South Wales, studying politics and international relations. Together with the Australian youth Natalie worked in the suburbs of Sydney – Redfern. During this period she received the lead role in the movie “The Little Mermaid.” It was an experimental television project: the girl got the role of Aaron Spelling. In addition, Natalie starred in many commercials overseas and in Australia. Kelly’s acting career began with small roles in television series called “Charmed”: on one platform with her starring Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan. The series aired on the domestic spaces, so our audience is also well aware of Nathalie Kelley. “Charmed” lasted six seasons – from 1998 to 2006. First, the genre was more like kinouzhasy project, and then gradually turned into a fantastic drama. Rating popular television series off scale: it can be compared with the “Smallville.” Until the last season of the series was about four and a half million fans who followed the events on the screen.
To try your luck, Natalie goes to Los Angeles, finds the agents to get a role in a good movie. So the actress hit the project “Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift» ( “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”). She immediately chose the role Neill – confident girl. Such is life in the Nathalie Kelley. Although during the filming of any complexity. Because Neill often sits behind the wheel of the script of the film, and Kelly difficult to shift gears in the car, she had to learn a little bit of driving. Prior to that, the actress only drove a car with automatic transmission, having mastered the pedal “gas” and “brake”. Directed by Justin Lin helped the girl to cope with the role. In the end, Natalie was able to master the art of drifting.
With regard to the filmography of the actress, in 2000 she appeared in the TV series «C.S.I. Crime scene”. In 2006, he participated in the filming of the movie “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” was for her finest hour. In 2008, Nathalie Kelley appeared in the film “Dazed” as April. This is the life story of a successful young man who weighs feeling of some incompleteness. In the end, he met with drug dealers – and his life is filled with speed, violence, sex, risk. Just get rid of all this is very difficult or impossible to …
In 2009, Natalie participated in the filming of the picture “Young Americans”: her character name is Beth.
2010 was marked by the participation of the actress in the filming of the show “Lone Star.” Finally, recent works have become Kelly role in the series “Body of Proof” in 2011 and the paintings “Take me home” and “Urban Explorer” in 2011. In the movie “Urban Explorer” Natalie got the role of Lucia. As for the series “Body of Proof”, the draft Natalie plays the role of Danny – a new medical examiner. Her heroine is smart, good-looking and confident in their abilities. Natalie to get into the role mastered his acting career. In 2012, the screens released another picture with the actress – «The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez». There she will play a character named Pretty Annie. Today Natalie starred in movies genre certain areas – crime, drama and thriller. However, the actress is ready for any experiments, and reincarnation. For the first time the actress has appeared in the movies in 2006, but after Nathalie Kelley “lit up” in the box office film directors drew attention to it. Natalie looks quite attractive non-standard, so its arsenal of possibilities is almost limitless.
In 2010 Natalie starred in the movie Bruno Mars  “Just the way you are”.

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