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Natalia Dyer

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Biography of Natalia Dyer
Still, the name Natalia Dyer is probably only a diehard serial fans a concept, but that will certainly change in the future. For the young actress is despite her young age for years diligently in front of the camera. Natalia, born in Nashville in 1997, made her debut at the age of twelve alongside Miley Cyrus in the film “Hannah Montana – The Movie”.

Natalia’s patient rise
Although the role was next to scandal noodle Miley at that time still very small, but at least Natalia Dyer set hesitantly a foot in the film business. Her next role, this time a bit bigger, followed in the family drama “Glamor Girl in the Horse Stable” with Brooke Shields and Aidan Quinn. Now, the aspiring young actress had only three years to wait for her very first starring role, which was finally in 2014 in the movie “I Believe in Unicorns” was.

Mega-hit with “Stranger Things”
Granted, there are still no films that everyone talks about, but 2016 was THE year of Natalia Dyer. A fairly unknown actress, she landed the role of Nancy Wheeler in the US science-fiction mystery series Stranger Things, set in the 1980s. To prepare for her new job, Natalia plunged deep into the past decade, watching classic movies and asking her parents about the lifestyle and lifestyle of the 1980s. Not least because of the outstanding performance of the mostly very young mimes hit the Netflix series like a bomb, Natalia was known and celebrated overnight in the world. In 2017, Natalia Dyer could even enjoy a Screen Actors Guild Award, which she cleared away with her acting ensemble.

The rumor mill is seething
Now that Natalia Dyer is at the top of the US series business, of course, her private life comes into focus. Again and again, rumors and speculation about their very slim – or even sick – make? – figure the round. There is an eating disorder, but Natalia herself does not tire of saying that she is just slim. In addition to her body, but also the love life of the young actress is in the public interest and everyone wonders: Is there anything between the “Stranger Things” star Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton? The two are closer in the series, but has it sparked in real life? An official statement does not yet exist, but the seriesmates were often suspiciously photographed with each other and regularly post pictures of each other on Instagram.

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