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Nastassja Kinski

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Nastassja Kinski – a popular German actress, best known for tapes Wim Wenders “Wrong Move”, “Wings of Desire 2,” “Paris, Texas” and other original paintings. Winner of the “Golden Globe” for his role in Roman Polanski’s “Tess”.
Nastassja Aglaia Nakshinski (a real name of the actress) was born January 24, 1961 in Berlin, in the family of the popular German actor Klaus Kinski and Ruth Brigitte saleswoman currents. His middle name is the girl received thanks to the heroine of the famous novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot”. When she was 7 years old, his parents divorced – Nastassja stayed with his mother. Youth Nastasia has evolved rapidly and vain. The girl lived in a van with his mother and stepfather, due to financial difficulties shoplifted, constantly gets on ticketless travel. Her life has changed in the 14-Tb, when a slender blonde with sensual lips and squinting hooligan disco in Munich wife spotted a famous film director Wim Wenders. She invited her husband to star in the film “Wrong Move” (1975). In this adaptation of the famous works of Goethe’s 14-year-old Nastassja played a teenage girl, a wandering circus, closed Mignon, whose fate leads into the arms of a middle-aged writer Wilhelm Meister. Nastasia debut in the movie is more than successful – for the role of Mignon in “false movement” it receives prestigious German film awards Deutscher Filmpreis in the category of “Outstanding Achievement”. She takes the name of Kinski father and starts to receive offers from top independent filmmakers. Nastassja Kinski becomes the muse of auteur cinema. The following year, she appeared in Peter Sykes in the thriller “The Daughter of the Devil” (1976) in the form of an innocent nun that own father secretly preparing to sacrifice to Satan. Following Kinski plays a major role in the erotic drama about female and male students dorm “Hotel” Passion Flower, “” (1978). And then there is a duet with Marcello Mastroianni “Such as you are” – as his potential daughter, to which the old man starts to feed far from his father’s feelings. At this time, the young movie star reveals director Roman Polanski. Love relationship develops into a creative alliance. He gives her the lead role in his film “Tess” (1979). Kinski plays the beautiful peasant girl who leaves her parents to live with newfound wealthy family, where faced with seductive cousin. The tape received the “Oscar”, and 17-year-old Nastasia “Golden Globe”. Naked photo shoot affairs with older men, talent – Kinski in a moment becomes the object of interest of directors. It should be removed in the film by Francis Ford Coppola’s “From the Heart” (1982), a thriller by Paul Schrader, “Cat People” (1982), a drama by Peter Chamonix “Spring Symphony” in the actor’s duet with Rudolf Nureyev “on sight” (1983) Gerard Depardieu in the drama “The Moon in the gutter” (1983). In the 1984th 23-year-old Nastasia again removed from Wenders in the film “Paris, Texas”, which won the “Palme d’Or”. In this cult tape Kinski plays a participant erotic show, which are forgotten by her son and lover.
At 23 Kinski gave birth to a son Alyosha from actor Vincent Spano, who was brought up together with her husband, producer Ibrahim Moussa (who is older than her 15 years). daughter Sonia was born two years later. In 30 years, Kinski was married for the second time – for composer Quincy Jones (older than her 28 years). And in the 32 bore him a daughter, Kenya. Nastasya starred in the French, German, American, Italian, Russian copyright tapes. Its partners are famous actors: Ben Kingsley ( “Harem”), Al Pacino ( “Revolution”), Otto Sander ( “Wings of Desire 2”) and many others.

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