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Moscow – a city of traditions and records
The capital of Russia – is a huge metropolis with more than 12 million inhabitants, which sets the pace of life all over the state. Moscow has long become one of the most popular tourist destinations. This beautiful and rich traditions of the city is attractive for foreign tourists as well as for the Russians themselves. People come here to see the treasures of the museum collections and famous art galleries, architectural monuments and beautiful parks.
A Brief History of Moscow
People began to settle on the local lands in the Stone Age -. More than 30 thousand years ago. A Slavic settlement Vyatichi Krivichy and appeared on the site of the future Moscow in the I century. BC When archaeologists conducted excavations in the Kremlin, they found that in the XI century on the banks of the Moscow River already existed urban settlement, enclosed by a shaft and a moat. But the birth of the city is still considered in 1147, when he was first mentioned in Russian chronicles.
History of Moscow is full of dramatic and instructive lessons. The city repeatedly suffered from enemy raids. Moscow completely destroyed during the Mongols 1237-1238 gg., She endured the siege of False Dmitry II troops in the early XVII century and was almost completely burned before the arrival of Napoleon’s army in 1812. However, each time the city rose from the ashes and rebuilt again.
In 2011, the metropolis greatly expanded by connecting to itself part of the territory of the Moscow region. Today, the capital is divided into 12 administrative districts. Population growth generally provides a migration of people from other regions of the country. It always has been. Moscow grows at the expense of Russia and gave the country the best that was born in this huge human “melting pot.”
Moscow records
Any large city in the world has its own records, and Moscow – is no exception. For Muscovites and guests of the city are several giants built.
Ostankino Tower – the tallest building in Europe (540 m).
Shopping center “fleet” at Khodynka Field is also considered the largest in Europe and has an area of 400 thousand sq. M. m. Its highlight was the 23 th cylindrical aquarium, which is home to 3.5 thousand. fish.
The world’s largest skating rink with artificial turf (20.5 thousand sq. M.) Is open at ENEA. Ice complex is divided into several thematic areas and in the evening very beautifully illuminated.
The park them. Gorky built the biggest snowboard jump, an area of 2 sq. M in the world. m.
Graffiti that size is considered the largest in the world adorns the walls of the former assembly plant Automobile “Moskvich”. Figures cover an area of more than 6 thousand sq. M. m.
Moscow Planetarium has Europe’s largest dome diameter of 25 meters.
How to plan an independent trip to Moscow
Travel to the capital – it is always the anticipation of the holiday. However, to navigate the vast and bustling metropolis is not always easy. To a trip to the capital brought the most pleasure and benefit, it is necessary to prepare in advance.
First we need to define the purpose of the journey. What we are planning to see? What impression would like to receive? A clear plan a trip – one of the main successes of the “Moscow” tour. Real life, of course, make their own adjustments. But pre-planned journey will allow to avoid the hassle, exhaustion, frustration, and reduce costs.
Having defined the objectives, it is necessary to gather as much information on the timetable of those places where you want to go, and on ways of entrance to them. Very good to plan specific routes of travel to Moscow. After all, some metropolitan attractions are close to each other, and it is convenient to examine per trip.
For travel to Moscow will need a good map and circuit lines of the Moscow metro. It does not matter – on paper or in electronic form. And in the city there are a lot of tips. On any subway station and near the exits of the halls have informative maps adjacent areas of the city.
And – most importantly: traveling through the streets of the capital, do not be shy to ask. It is possible that every second passer-by would also be visitors. But Muscovites are happy to show the way and give a lot of useful tips – how to get to the right subway station, museum or monument.
How to save money while traveling in Moscow
Moscow – a city road. It’s right. But it is equally true that the capital – the city of price contrasts. The metropolis enough places where you can have a great time without taking the wallet from his pocket. Learn about places, entertainment and promotions on the Internet is easy. There are many websites which contains information about exhibitions, festivals, film screenings, museum and club promotions, concerts, performances, tours and more than Moscow shares with his guests for free.
Virtually none of the trip to the capital is complete without visiting the museums. It is interesting that on certain days you can visit them without paying for tickets. Such shares are held on the third Sunday of each month and on International Museum Day, which falls on May 18th. However, these days the most popular museums in the capital can build queue.
On any given day in the capital you can visit several free exhibitions, which are exposed to the works of young artists, photographers, antique furniture, designer clothes and handicrafts. Such exhibition shows all year round organizing Moscow galleries, parks, libraries, cultural, design and shopping centers.
Moscow – a city that is constantly learning. And this feature of the capital – the key to many of its successes. In the city you can visit the free lessons and lectures, see the work of craftsmen, to get a taste of a new profession for himself or a fascinating hobby. These free classes conducted dance studio, language centers and schools, sports clubs, beauty salons, cultural centers, museums, craft centers and psychological clubs.
A town festivals? There is no day that the capital does not mark some bright holiday, the long-awaited sports event or a colorful celebration. Free entertainment is available for the citizens and guests of the city in the days of state and religious holidays, as well as thematic festivals. And they need to look at the concert and festival venues, parks, cultural centers and stadiums Moscow.
Fans of geography and those who are interested in the culture and traditions of different countries of the world, arrived in the capital, always free to go to meetings with famous travelers, listen to their stories and get tips for organizing independent tours. Such meetings are held in the form of public lectures, seminars and master-classes, which brings together like-minded people. And in Moscow and Moscow region parks and estates over the weekend, and free guided hiking tours.
Besides, it is not difficult to save for housing in Moscow. If there is no problem necessarily live in expensive hotels in the capital, you can find a quite low cost options for accommodation. Many two-three-day or week-long holiday trips to the capital is removed habitation rent from the owners, without intermediaries. The network has a very large selection of apartments and rooms – with pictures, reviews and recommendations. A youth groups often stay in inexpensive hostels in the capital.
When planning the Moscow trip, it is worth thinking about buying a single ticket for travel on the underground and ground transportation, which can save on trips around the city. There are several types of travel – unlimited with a limited number of trips. You can also purchase tickets for “90 Minutes”, which give the right to one and a half hours to make one or more trips to the metro, and an unlimited number of transfers on ground transport.
What’s show in Moscow children
Many go to Moscow for the kids – to show them the capital. But we must not forget that any trip with children has its own characteristics. By organizing such a tour, it is necessary to include in the plan of visits to places of interest to the child and desirable for him.
Travel to the capital can be a real adventure for the child and a dream come true. And travel program on the Moscow attractions easily make up for the children of any age. There are a lot of places, created especially for children. It – theme parks, attractions, water parks, children’s theater, circus and the zoo. By the way, Moscow “animal kingdom” all children can attend for free.
The most popular for children’s trips are: Museum of optical illusions, interactive center “Know Yourself – Know the World”, the estate of Santa Claus in the park “Kuzminki”, House of family traditions on Tverskaya Street, the Museum “Living History”, Museum of children’s cinema, “Mars” station planetarium in Moscow, the city “Masterslavl” masters InnoPark, panopticon of scientific entertainment and the Museum “Moscow lights”. A VVC opened interesting kids museum-theater “Ice Age”, an animation museum, Christmas decorations factory and a house of fairy tales “Once upon a time.” It does not carry out the boring excursions, and stay in the museum halls transformed into a real fun exploration.
If the family is tired of the hustle and bustle of Moscow and noisy streets, is a glimpse into children’s or family cafe, which created a lot of the city. In addition, you can go for a walk at any of Moscow’s parks – Gorky Park. Bitter, Botanical Garden, Sokolniki, Kuzminki, Bitsa forest, Elk Island … In any of these sites have facilities for children’s activities and entertainment.
Every once in your life trying to get to Moscow, to see this great and beautiful city, surprised scale buildings, enjoy its growth, wealth and prosperity. And this attraction is not groundless. The capital does not belong only to Muscovites and Moscow the right to consider their city has every inhabitant of Russia.

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