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Misa Campo biography which began in 1987 in Montreal, is very beautiful. It is mixed Dutch and Filipino blood, plastic dancers and excitement of a card player, tenderness tulip and jasmine.
Misa Campo Photo
Misa Campo – Canadian actress and model. Not having reached 25 years of age, she was able to become interesting for «AskMen» creators of the well-known magazines, «Maxim», «DragSport», the pages of which Misa Campo – fashion model charmed not only ordinary readers, but also business representatives.
Recently Misa Campo pictures which struck the company’s leading manufacturers of hip-hop clothing, it became official. Brand «Rocawear Canada» produces about 120 lines, united by a common theme of urban style and is sponsored benchmarks Jay-Z and Damon Dash. Misa Campo on the photo does not just advertise clothes, she is a fan and a party to dance hip-hop and go-go projects.
Misa Campo and its photo – first demonstration of feminine beauty and everything that is connected with it. In the vastness of the business model Misa Campo sexy height and weight which is perfect, glamorous and famous for its original style. Real art finds itself Misa Campo pictures in erotic lingerie and nudity. Her grace allows you to build long-term plans and to predict success in the world of high fashion.
Misa Campo biography
Misa Campo was born January 23, 1987 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She is a citizen of Canada, but recently lived in California (USA). Model Misa Campo works in Newport Beach – the town with a population of about 86 thousand people. Today, Newport Beach is considered not only the richest city in California, but also the most prosperous in SShA.Misa Campo
Misa’s father hails from the Philippines, a mother has Dutch roots. As parents and two sisters, Jane and Mary are very expensive for a girl. Misa sincerely believes that owes everything to his family and never misses an opportunity to publicly declare his love for the family.
School subjects were given a girl is easy, but a great zeal for science, it is not found. Her first place of work was a local nightclub, where she got a job as a bartender. Noticing that Misa Campo has a nice growth and an unusual appearance, one of Misa superiors asked her to participate in the road show «Hot Import Night». Participation in the project has brought the girl a real glory. Since then, no one event, including the annual exhibition «Hot Import Night» does not go without the participation model Misa Campo.
Misa Campo hobbies and preferences
Model Misa Campo – actress and fotozvezda. It is not only a young beautiful woman, but a multi-faceted personality. Due to its age, it is alien to all the inherent generation-next: shopping, to purchase fashionable novelties, holiday with friends, dancing classes moving. Despite the fact that Misa Campo and her biography is inextricably linked to the hard work fashion models, it allows itself to female weakness – to luxuriate in bed and a tasty meal. Culinary preferences of women – Philippine cuisine, familiar from childhood.
To succeed requires a firm character and a great capacity for work, so the model Misa Campo can not stand whiners presence nearby. Misa is professionally engaged in dancing and no less professional playing cards. Misa Campo partners has weight in the eyes of poker and considers himself a real ace on the part of the bluff.
Everyone knows that show business does not forgive weaknesses, so no less than the star itself speaks of himself as “botanical” or nerds. She dreams of the family, but is now fully focused on his career.

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