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Born 11.10.1985, New York, NY, USA
American actress
Winner of the prize “Young Artist Award” (1997, 1998, 2001)
Winner of the “Special Jury Prize” Award (2007)
The beginning of the way
Michelle Trachtenberg, full name Michelle Christine Trachtenberg was born on October 11, 1985 in New York, the US state of New York, the son of a bank employee Lana comes from Russia, and a specialist in the field of fiber optics Michael Trachtenberg, a native of Germany.
Michel is fluent in Russian. At the age of three years, Michelle has already started her television career, she starred in advertising washing powder “Wisk”. Charming girl noticed and advertising career began to develop rapidly. On her account – more than a dozen movies.
Film career
The first film role Trachtenberg sang in the children’s series “The Adventures of Pete and Pete,” the heroine of her over the past two years has become Nona Mecklenburg. At the same time she played Lily Montgomery in the film “All My Children”, where she met with the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. Then Michelle Trahternberg played minor roles in such television projects as: “Mad TV” and “Melissa”.
As you know, when it begins to drive, it really big. Michelle Trachtenberg career in cinema began with a role in the children’s comedy “The Spy Harriet,” directed by Bronwen Hughes. Starring along with Michelle Trachtenberg were involved actors: Gregory Smith, Vanessa Lee Chester, J. Smith-Cameron.. In the story, the main character in the film – Herriet was already a profession, it is – a spy. She had a desire to see everything and to write in his notebook. The main thing – do not get caught! But certainly if you get – then hold on to the last!
Later, Michelle Trachtenberg participated in the sitcom “Mego”, a role which won the award “young actor”. Roles in films interspersed with shots in the series.
1998 left a trail of good kinobiografii actress, she starred in John Marlovski in the family comedy “Richie Rich 2”. An unusual thing happened in the film with the young Richie on the eve of Christmas. On the eve of the holiday Richie accidentally broke one of the toys designed for children from the orphanage. It upset him so that he made a wish, perhaps only feasible with the help of a magic machine.
1999 – The comedy “Inspector Gadget” Trachtenberg has granted the role of the protagonist’s niece Penny. Participation in this film with a real star Matthew Broderick Michelle Trachtenberg has brought wider recognition among the spectators. Directed by David Kellogg made a film about an inconspicuous security guard John Brown, a lifetime dream to become the greatest in the history of the police. And the destiny gave him this chance: after a terrible explosion, John was in a secret research laboratory, where scientists turned ne’er guard in an ideal servant of the law.
Michelle Trachtenberg has written very quickly in their kinokopilku whole gallery of brilliant and diverse images. In the summer of 2000, the actress had the great opportunity to try their hand at the role of the younger sister of the main character in the TV series “Buffy – the Vampire Slayer”, at that time already enjoyed great popularity. Michelle Trachtenberg managed to get this role, and together with it and pass to the star world. The film stars actors: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan and Anthony Head. The film is narrated about a high school girl Buffy Summers. Buffy was not just a schoolgirl, and the elect, which was destined to fight the demons, vampires and evil forces …
Career stepped up the pace. In 2001, the actress tried her hand as a leading show about paranormal “Truth or fear.” After that, she starred in the TV series “The customer is always right.” This was followed by roles in several movies. In particular Trachtenberg appeared in the adventure comedy Jeff Schaffer “Eurotrip” with Scott Mechlovichem and Travis Wester. It was a very funny comedy, the story is told the story of Scott Thomas, who got himself a pen pal from Germany of the most practical reasons, but it soon became clear that one – a charming blonde.
Then in 2004, directed by Gregg Araki he invited Michelle Trachtenberg with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brady Korbertom, Lisa Long key role in his new project – a detective drama “Mysterious Skin”. In the story, after an eight-year Brian woke up in the cellar of his house and did not know how he got there, his life was different – he was afraid of the dark, wet the bed, and he dreamed terrible dreams, and because Brian was already 18 years …
At the same time, Michelle Trachtenberg and periodically appeared in the TV series “Six feet under the keel” as Celeste, moody pop star whose bodyguard is Keith Charles. And in 2005, Michelle Trachtenberg got the starring role in the Disney family comedy “Ice Princess,” where she starred with Kim Cattrall. In this film, Trachtenberg played a scientist named Casey Carlyle, who left his scientific career for the dream to become a professional skater.
Michelle Trachtenberg, Sean Maher, Will Estes lit up in the drama “The jump from the pier Klose,” directed by Garry Weiner. It was a fascinating story of Carrie and Mike, inseparable since high school, but at some point, Kerry realized that he no longer loves Michael, or rather, loves, but not so ….
Continued career
The parade continued central role. The year 2006 brought another actress a lead role in the thriller Glen Morgan “Black Christmas.” Colleagues Michelle Trachtenberg on the set of actors have become this time: Katie Cassidy, Kristen Cloke, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The film told the audience about the first little Billy, who saw with his own eyes how his father killed his mother and then locked him for many years in the attic. But one day, Billy was able to escape …
Works with Michelle Trachtenberg have become very popular among young people. In 2008, screens out thriller directed by Peter Werner, called “Ring Race” with Michelle Trachtenberg, Billy Campbell, Drew Fuller in the lead roles. The heroine Michelle Trachtenberg – Kylie, the central figure of the entire cinematic, contradictory by temperament girl, for living in two worlds at the same time. The next milestone in the creative biography of Michelle Trachtenberg was the role of Elena, the daughter of one of the best coaches of the Russian Figure Skating Federation Irina in the melodrama “ice queen” Tim Fayvella. The film also stars actors: Joan Cusack, Amy Stewart, Steve Ross, Hayden Panettiere.
Remarkably played the role of steel for Michelle Trachtenberg like second wind. From subsequent works gorgeous actress worth noting the role of Georgina Sparks on the popular TV series “Gossip Girl,” her appearance in an episode of “Doctor House” and a little offbeat role in the movie “17 Again” directed by Steers Bera. Zac Efron, Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon, Matthew Perry performed the leading roles in this film. The plot also tracked the misadventures of the father, Mike O`Donnela one morning awakened seventeen teenager and goes to the same school where I studied his own children.
Since the autumn of 2009, Michelle Trachtenberg, along with Taylor Schilling was busy filming the drama series “Mercy”, the role of the nurse Chloe Payne. “Mercy” – is a medical drama, telling about daily life “Mercy will,” the hospital by those who knew her better than others – nurses.
Michelle Trachtenberg aroused much attention from the press and the audience accepted an offer from director Peter Callahan to participate in the drama “Last Chance” and to participate in the crime comedy Kevin Smith’s “Cop Out.” Comedy drama directed by Michael Grace “Take me home tonight”, released in rent in 2011, narrated the adventures of a college graduate Matt Franklin, his sister and best friend. Actors starring actors: Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Dan Fogler and, of course, charming Michelle Trachtenberg.
Michelle Trachtenberg did not stop the progress made in the shooting of the movie, she took an active part in voicing animated films. Her voice can be heard in such animated films as “Blue Speculation”, “Dregonlens”, “Showcase DC: Jonah Hex.”
Personal life
Silent about his personal life Trachtenberg did not work – the life of the actress, despite her young age, too saturated. She is known all over the secular society with numerous novels. Musician Pete Wentz, DJ DJ A.M., and singer Robbie Williams – this is not a complete list of the former passions of the young actress.
From 2004 to 2006, Michelle Trachtenberg met Canadian actor Shawn Ashmore.
Interesting Facts
Michelle Trachtenberg, thanks to their Slavic roots, knows the Russian language, celebrating different holidays, be it Christmas or Hanukkah.
Michelle Trachtenberg appeared in a clip of “Fall Out Boy” on the song “This Ain`t a Scene, It`s an Arms Race”, as well as in the video “Tired of Being Sorry” Balthazar Getty’s band Ringside.

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