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Michalina Olszańska

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Michalina Olshanskaya: biography
Michalina Olshanskaya is a young Polish artist. She managed to catch the fancy of Russian audiences as ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya in the eponymous film Matilda. In addition to acting talent, the girl combines music and writing.

Michalina Olshanskaya was born in the family of famous cinema actors Agnieszka Fatyga and Wojciech Olshansky on June 29, 1992.

A girl from an early age showed an ability to music, and the little girl was sent to the Warsaw Music School. Zeno Brzhevsky, where she studied violin. In 2001, Mikhalina entered the Polish Conservatory – the Music University. Frederic Chopin. After some time, the girl began to attend classes at the Academy of Theatrical Arts. Alexander Zelverovich.

A promising violinist for some time acted as a soloist of a symphony orchestra. Concerts that were held in cities in Germany and Poland, enjoyed success with the public.

A diversely developed Mikhalina at the age of 17 began to write books. To date, she has already published two novels: “Child-star Atlantis” and “Enchanted”. In her youth, she fell in love with horse riding and learned to shoot a bow. One of her creative hobbies is performing her own songs. The young gifted violinist, despite the advice of her parents, after a while preferred an acting career to a musical one.

The first significant work of Michalina was the musical “The Temptation”. In the film, an attractive girl played a fabulous character – a mermaid, who periodically turned into a vampire. After some time, Olshansky was invited to the main role in the drama “I, Olga Khepnarova”. The picture details the biography of the criminal who murdered protests to society.

Not passed by the viewer films “Anatomy of Evil”, “Father” and the short film “Tiger”, shooting which added acting experience a young actress.

When Russian film director Alexei Uchitel began work on the film Matilda, for a long time he selected actors for the leading roles of Nicholas II and Matilda Kshesinskaya.

The image of Nikolai Alexandrovich was formed immediately when the samples were passed by the German actor Lars Eidinger. And with the choice of an actress who will play the role of Matilda in a film about the royal family, Alexey Teacher hesitated.

Lars Eidinger and Michalina Olshanskaya in the film “Matilda”
As a result of numerous castings, in which even Keira Knightley, Diana Vishneva, and Natalie Portman took part, the little-known Russian audience, Michalin Olshanskaya, was approved for the role of ballerina. She fit artistic charm and parameters of height and weight (with the growth of 168 cm, Mikhalin weighs 49 kg).

To pass the tests, the Russian-speaking friend of Mikhalina recorded remarks for Olshanskaya on the recorder. And already by appointment the actress learned the necessary passage. Now the artist understands Russian speech, but it is still difficult for a girl to build sentences in a foreign language.

For the artist shooting in the main role costume drama of the Romanovs became a great success. Before starting work, Mikhalina mastered ballet pas. In addition, she studied in detail the biography of Matilda Kshesinskaya. The girl shared that in Russia, it seems, everyone knows about the ballerina, even those who are not keen on ballet. In Poland, nothing is known about her.

Many scenes were filmed in St. Petersburg, at the Mariinsky Theater. Staying in Russia made a great impression on Olshanskaya, which she talks about in her interviews. Numerous photos of the film frames can be seen on the Olshanskaya page on Instagram.

Work on the film was completed at the end of 2016. The premiere of the painting took place in December 2017. The tape was shown at the Mariinsky Theater in the city of white nights.

Prior to the premiere, the film was criticized by State Duma Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya. She appreciated the picture together with the experts, guided by the read script and the trailers released. Michalina called “ugly.” The actress did not comment on this. The actress and the film crew were intercepted by the director of the film, Alexey Uchitel.

After returning from Russia, Michalina Olshanskaya starred in another film, “Dead Burt,” which was released in 2017.

Personal life
Michalina Olshanskaya plays a lot of movies, performs with musical concerts. She devotes her free time to family and friends. In one interview, the girl shared that she really missed her family in Russia, especially when she returned to the hotel.

The actress tried to spend more time with colleagues, enjoyed the study of local cultural values.

The girl is in a relationship with a young man who is engaged in jurisprudence. The couple has no children.

Michalina Olshanskaya now
Now the actress tirelessly pleases fans with regular appearance on the screen.

May 2018 is scheduled for the premiere of the film “Sobibor”, the debut directorial work of Konstantin Khabensky. This is a military drama telling about the only successful escape from the German concentration camp. The picture is based on real events. The main role – Lieutenant Alexander of Pechersk – was played by Konstantin Khabensky himself. Michalina played a major role along with Christopher Lambert, Maria Kozhevnikova, Dainius Kazlauskas and others. Sobibor has become one of the most anticipated films of 2018.

A little earlier, Mikhalin appeared in the lead role in the film “The Son of the Snow Queen”.

2018 was productive for the actress. She will appear in key roles in two more films: “Imperfect Gentleman” and “My Name Is Sara”.

After filming in Matilda, The Son of the Snow Queen and Sobibor, the artist took a break in her acting career to begin writing a new novel.

In 2019, the girl will return to the screen, adding to the chosen filmography the main role in the drama “Witness” directed by Miguel Gaudencio. With him, the actress worked in the “Imperfect Gentleman”.

The plot of the tape is not reliably known.

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