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Michael Angarano is an American actor, known for the films “aerobatics”, “Speak”, “Slavery”, “Snow angels”, “Man in chair”, “Black Irish”, “Million for dummies” and other ribbons. Ex-boyfriend of actress Kristen Stewart.
Michael Anthony was born 3 December 1987 in Brooklyn, new York in a family of Italians. He is the third of four children Angarano. Since childhood, Michael was surrounded by a creative atmosphere, because his parents are the owners of four successful dance studios in new York and Los Angeles. Since the age of five Michael began appearing on various American television shows in small roles. With 12 years smart boy has to get a major role. One of his first major work on television was the son of an officer of the FSB in the dramatic television series “family Secrets Arno” (2000 – 2001). Michael has shown that he can reliably survive on the screen a variety of adventures, which more than rewarded him the hero the writers of the series. Critical praise was awarded to his partnership with Meryl Streep in “music of the heart” (1999), where he played seven years old son of the heroine.
Loud fame came to him in 13 years, when in 2000, the year Michael appeared in the title role in family Comedy Blair Tre “Business kids”. Angarano played the adventurous small, who decides to help his father-a businessman to spend more time at home, so together with her sister took possession of him the business of manufacturing toys. Charismatic hero has conquered the American public. After the actor played in another movie Tre – “Keeper of secrets” (2001), and got the role immediately without any trial. Then the young actor has appeared in such famous TV series as “Clara, let’s go!” “24 hours” and other projects.
Michael Angarano quickly went into the Superleague of Hollywood child actors, growing up, received the status of a rising Hollywood star. In 17 years, Michael appeared in a duet with 14-year-old Kristen Stewart in a psychological drama “Speak” (2004), in which the future star of “Twilight,” played the schoolgirl outcast rogue, and Michael is her best friend and lover. The tape had a big festival success, and Michael and Kristen moved their on-screen relationship in life. For four years Michael was listed as the boyfriend of the actress.
Then Michael has starred in another successful film in the project of Lars von Trier’s “Dear Wendy” (2004), telling about a secret club of gun enthusiasts. The next year brought Michael a leading role in a documentary about skateboarders “Kings of Dogtown” (2005), where he played a whole galaxy of young stars Heath Ledger, Emile Hirsch and others. In the same year, 18-year-old actor has appeared in two pictures in the lead roles. In the Comedy “Last wish” (2005), he played the role of a cancer-ridden teenager who makes a wish to spend the weekend in the company of supermodels. And in the fantastic film “sky High” (2005) played an ungifted offspring of a family of superheroes who have to put up with their mediocrity and go to superscale.
Such rough work in the movie made from Michael to his 20 years of true professional. He became to major, complex and diverse roles in ambitious films. Angarano was the power play and reflective character in the drama “Slavery” (2006), and in love with the waiter-musician in the romantic drama “Snow angels” (2007), and student-cinephile who helps the hero Christopher Plummer, in the drama “the Man in the chair” (2007), and baseball player, who tries to resist the brother of the perpetrator (the hero Brendan Gleeson) in the film “Black Irish” (2007), and obsessive fan of the heroine uma Thurman in the Comedy “the Wedding” (2010). But the actor only in the beginning of his career.

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