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Turkish-German actress, who is only 32 years old (born August 12, 1983), has gained worldwide popularity due to the role of Roksolana, known as Alexandra Anastasia Lismere Sultan. Whether the girl will return to the series about Suleiman the First Magnificent or not is the main intrigue that the actress herself and the creators of the project keep in secret. It is possible to find a replacement, but audience love turned out to be incorruptible, and the ratings without Meryem Uzerli only fall. This red-haired Lioness (she marks her birthday on August 12 according to the horoscope) has other interesting works.

Biography of Meri Uzerli
The girl was born in the German city of Kassel, whose population does not exceed 200 thousand people, in the family of a visiting Turk (father – Hussein) and a native German (mother – Ursula). The woman played on the stage, but was known only in her homeland. Meri Sahra Uzerli (full name of the future star) also has a sister and two brothers. The girl tried to conquer the summit, walking her mother’s road.

To begin with, she also played on stage in a semi-amateur theater of family friends. The future actress’s organic nature was noticeable to everyone – it already then combined activity and independence, which was inherited from the mother’s western upbringing, and inner restraint and knowledge of the basics of the Turkish language came from her father.

Meryem successfully graduated from school, then she went through an annual volunteer practice in hospitals (for Germany, this is the norm), and only then she entered the Hamburg Dramatic Studio Frese. She with her eyes closed showed a place on the map, where she went to apply. At first it was difficult with housing, my brother refused to help the stepsister.

But the actress does not give up in front of difficulties, she participates in theatrical productions, is removed in bit parts (since 2003). It gives her pleasure, but there is no popularity yet.

In 2004, the girl appears in the footage of the series “Inga Lindstrom” in the image of Britta. In 2010, the full-length film with her participation is released, for which Meriem receives critics’ accolades (the role of the charming stewardess in the film “Journey without Return”). In 2011, viewers saw the series “A Case for Two”, but the heroine Ankel still doesn’t make the famous one that will revive the popularity of Turkish soap operas. She will make talking about them with a gasp.

In 2011, a series of Turkish TV products appeared on the screens – a complex and intricate history of palace intrigues, in which there was a place for the love relationship of Suleiman the Great and the Crimean girl Anastasia (Alexandra). From the captive, she becomes the wife of the Sultan and tries to bring order to his sultanate (“The Magnificent Age”).

With this work, Meri brought a lot of positive emotions, which made the girl leave the melancholic state associated with the lingering monotony of the roles at home. The flight to Turkey, to their historic homeland, was given to the artist easily. And the opportunity to speak Turkish, even with an accent, only added charm to Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska. The girl played with such famous Turkish artists as the courageous handsome Halit Ergench, the respected actress Nebahat Chekhre.

The inhabitants of the CIS and the whole of Europe are watching the Roksolans with interest. Despite the German origin, Meri Uzerli is called the benchmark of Turkish beauty, and the GQ edition is a 2011 female.

About 15 awards and nominations presented the medieval Turkish image of his performer, who for the role had to recover. But after the 99th series, the artist flies to Germany, without explaining anything to the creators of the film. Until the end of the season did not have time to shoot 4 series.

The behavior of the star caused a stir. Rumors about what happened went different. Skeptics claim that Meryem was disappointed in the low fee for the shooting day, when others earned more, and in selling Ergench the rights to broadcast the series, for which the actress was left without compensation. The performer of the role of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska in Instagram stated that she was immensely tired, she had a nervous and physical exhaustion.

The scenario of the most popular series over the past 20 years was rewritten, Wahida Perchin was invited to play the role of a mature Roksolana. The viewers did not approve the replacement. There are rumors that the red-haired Turkish-German actress will return, but no one has yet commented on the information. If she decides to return, then only on rights convenient for her.

Now Meri Uzerli is filming other TV shows. In 2016, the world premiere of the one-season multiseries movie “Queen of the Night” is expected, where the actress will embody the image of a female perfumer. The plot unfolds around a night flower with a wondrous aroma, turning the head in love. It will affect the personal life of the heroine businesswoman.

Also in 2016, the Maternity Wound tape (or “The wounds of my mother”) was released. In the same year, viewers should see a documentary about the artist.

Personal life by Meri Uzerli

The performer of the role of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska not particularly promotes personal relationships. The press knows about her affair with businessman Jan Atesh. But the status of the bride and groom was not destined to be replaced by marriage.

They broke up in the summer of 2013, when Meri Uzerli was in the second trimester of pregnancy. Friends say that the debts of an entrepreneur who borrowed a large sum from the bride had a negative effect on the relationship.

In 2015, they talked about the novel of the artist with the former partner in the series Ozan Huven. But Meriem denied the rumors, saying that her heart was free.

Now the celebrity is raising a 2-year-old daughter, is removed, and is also the owner of a cosmetic line.

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