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Martin Lawrence

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Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence – American actor, comedian, director and writer of German origin, a multiple nominee for “the MTV” channel premium received best known for his Hollywood work 90s in movies such as the comedy Reginald Hadlina “House Party” crime fighters “Bad boys,” “Blue Streak,” “big Momma’s House” and the comedy TV show “Martin”.
Born April 16, 1965 in Frankfurt am Main. His name was a boy in honor of the leader of the movement, fighting for civil rights, Martin Luther King, as well as in honor of United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Both parents were Americans Martin. His father, John Lawrence, served in the US Army, and later, after returning home, he joined the police. Martin was the second child in a large family. In addition to his parents to raise and educate five children. They divorced when Martin was eight years old. After that, his mother, chlorine Bailey, had to work three jobs just to feed a large family. Father and police since then the son saw less and less.
The boy lived in Maryland, where Thomas went to art school G. Pullen School of Creative and Performing Arts. Later, he was replaced by a number of educational institutions. As a teenager, Martin began boxing and made great progress. For several years, Lawrence worked hard and wanted to devote his life to professional sport. It was not until the receipt of a serious eye injury, perecherknuvshy potential career, and has forced to reconsider their professional aspirations. Soon, Martin moved to Denver. It was there that he turned his attention to the legendary comedy club Kings Wood comedy club. Shortly after his appearance on the stage, he won the chance to take part in the «Star Search» popular reality show. The future actor was a great success in the program and reached the final, but at the last moment the tide has turned against him.
Despite the final defeat, he was noticed by the leaders of the channel Columbia TriStar Television, and offered to Lawrence to play the role of Maurice Warfield in Tony Singletary sitcom “What’s Happening Now!”. It took Martin’s cinematic debut. After the end of the project, Lawrence appeared in several small roles. A breakthrough in her acting career took place through participation in the filming of the drama Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing.” The painting was shown at the Cannes Film Festival main competition, he was twice nominated for the “Oscar” and four – in the “Golden Globe”. Then acting career began to gain momentum. Lawrence took part in the filming of several successful blockbusters. By 1994, the actor was recognized as the best comedian USA.
Popularity gone to his head, and the actor’s name began to flicker in the scandalous reports. By 1996, the situation has worsened. Martin was arrested and sentenced to corrective labor. At the same time, its share had the opportunity to play one of his most successful roles. In 1995, the director-debutant Michael Bay asked Lawrence to star in the comedy thriller about two criminal police of Miami “Bad Boys.” Partner Martin on the set was an aspiring actor Will Smith. In 1996, Lawrence tried his hand as a director, removing the comedy thriller “The thin line between love and hate.”

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