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Mark Richard Hamill – American actor, born 25 September 1951 in the Californian city of Auckland. After shooting in the original trilogy, Hamill worked successfully on Broadway doing dubbing cartoons and computer games (see. «Full Throttle»), as well as the creation of comic books. In particular, it is widely known that the voice of the Joker in the animated series Batman in the period from 1992 to 2001.
early years
Mark Hamill was born in Oakland, California, September 25, 1951. His parents Virginia Suzanne and William Thomas Hamill. Mark’s father was a captain in the Navy, there were six children in the family, two brothers and four sisters: Will Patrick Terry, Jane, Ginny and Kim, Mark was born on the fourth. As a child, Mark had to move a lot, to study in different schools, his father often had to change their place of service. In the tenth grade, Mark went in Annandale, Virginia, graduated from his studies but already in Japan, school Kinnika Nile, and then went on to specialize in drama at Los Angeles City College.
Carier start
His career, Mark Hamill began on television, his debut in the program «The Bill Cosby Show» in 1970. He also played the role of Kent Murray in the program «General Hospital», and starred in the landmark comedy series «The Texas Wheelers».
Star Wars
Hamill and Lucas in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Star Wars in 2007.
This popularity and recognition came to Mark, after he played the role of the hero Luke Skywalker in Star Wars in 1977. Before the shooting, he was selected for the role of David in the «Eight Is Enough», however, asked to terminate the contract with the studio, considering that Star Wars can be a very successful film. Hamill wanted to focus on the actor’s career. In the end, the producers agreed to remove Mark of the series.
January 11, 1977, the day before the shooting of the final scene of A New Hope, Hamill had a car accident, where he was seriously injured. Lucas had to use doubles, filmed earlier in the installation includes footage from the scene where Luke crosses the desert on your landspeeder. According to assumptions, Mark tried to convince surgeons that surgery facial reconstruction, in the short term could save his career, but it was only temporary results. Some time later, the scars may become more visible, and he would have to change his mind about his acting career.
The program «Mark Hamill: A Force to Be Reckoned With» (Mark Hamill: The force with which to be reckoned) television network A & E Network, Mark’s family told about a tragic accident and its consequences.
Due to the remaining scars, Hamill had thick make up at a time when he was shooting for released in 1978. The Star Wars Holiday Special. To make part of the script has been developed to explain how he could get scars, so that in the fifth episode, it was to pin down the vamp. During the filming of the Empire, Mark Hamill was born the son of Nathan. Up to a lightsaber duel, Mark Lucas told the truth about Darth Vader.
George Lucas once considered the idea of creating a trilogy, sequel Star Wars (VII-IX episodes), which had to be removed Hamill, as a wise old-Luke Skywalker, like a Jedi Master Obi-Wan, coaching in his sixty years, a new generation of Knights -dzhedaev, including a sequel hero must participate in the reconstruction of the New Republic and the destruction of the remnants of the Galactic Empire. As a result, Hamill appeared in a new sequel of the saga “Star Wars. Episode VII: The Awakening Forces, “which was released in December 2015 under the direction of JJ Abrams.
animated films
Mark Hamill voiced characters in several animated series. And, ironically, he found himself in articulating villains. He successfully played the role of the Joker in «Batman: The Animated Series», the voice of “Justice League”, the game «Batman: Arkham Asylum», the Skeleton King in «Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go», Goblin in «Spider-Man: The Animated Series »and Underwood in” Danny Phantom “. He also voiced the Fire Lord in Ozaya «Avatar: The Last Airbender», the most remarkable character of Mr. Salatsiyu Metalocalypse, leader of the “Tribunal”, and gave voice to many heroes of show «Adult Swim».
Mark Hamill is one of the writers of the comic book «The Black Pearl», this miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics. He also wrote the introduction to «Trade Paperback Batman: Riddler Two-Face», which have been reprinted by various stories the main negative characters, in order to link them to the «Batman Forever».
Family and personal life
On the eve of the premiere of ‘Star Wars’ Mark Hamill meets dantistkoy from Los Angeles Marylou York. Their romance begins to develop rapidly, but when the film brings Hamill extraordinary popularity, relationships are on the verge of breaking. Newfound “star” starts “the winds”, going to Las Vegas to have fun with strippers. Marylou was able to return a loved one, and “Star Wars” in December 1978 took a modest wedding in the courtyard of a house in Malibu, Hamill purchased for a fee.
In June 1979, the first-born in the family was born – Nathan Elias. Mark just starred in an episode of V “Star Wars”, and the couple lived in England. Right from the maternity ward, where a happy father spent all night in anticipation, he went to the shooting.
In 1983, the light appears a second child – Griffin Tobias. This happens in the province, as Hamill and his family toured the United States with the famous Broadway play entreprise, which plays Mozart (in this kinovariante “Amadeus” with Tom Hulse in the title role).
During the filming of “Flow” Mark Hamill born daughter – Chelsea Elizabeth.
Despite the fact that the house in Malibu is too small for such a large family, Hamill is not going to move out.

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