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Birthday: January 12, 1934
Age: 80 years old
Place of birth: Paris, France
Date of death: 10/15/2014
Place of Death: Pau, France
Nationality: France
Original name: Claudine Lucie Pauline Huze
The star of French cinema of the 60s
Marie Dubois was one of the brightest representatives of the French cinema of the 50’s and 60’s of the 20 th century; They gave her author’s paintings as well as popular films. Alas, the end of acting career Marie put multiple sclerosis – a dangerous disease forced the actress to forget about the shooting and the scene.
She studied Marie Dubois in a fairly well-known acting school; During her studies she studied dramatic art, the secrets of modern comedy and classical art. Practice lessons Dubois first applied in various stage productions, then in television projects like ‘La caméra explore le temps’ and ‘Les Cinq Dernières Minutes’. Work on television for Dubois became only the first step for Marie; It was here that François Roland Truffaut noticed it. Film debates took place in 1959; Attention to herself, the actress attracted, however, only a year later – she brilliantly succeeded in the role of Lena in ‘Shoot the Piano Player’, which invited her all the same Truffaut. It should be noted that already on the set of this picture the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis appeared; Quite young at the time, the actress, however, preferred the painful manifestations simply ignore.
Throughout her future career, Dubois played mostly secondary roles. In the 60’s, Marie starred a lot in the ‘new wave’ films, like ‘Jules and Jim’ and ‘The Thief of Paris’, thrillers like ‘Hot Line’ and comedies like ‘Carousel’ (‘La’ Ronde ‘),’ The Grand Walk ‘(‘ La Grande Vadrouille ‘) and’ Monte Carlo or Bust ‘(‘ Monte Carlo or Bust ‘).
Marie collaborated with well-known actors and directors; She has worked in the films of Jean-Luc Godard (Jean-Luc Godard), Roger Vadim (Roger Vadim), Gérard Oury (Gérard Oury), Louis Malle (Louis Malle) and Francois Truffaut. As Dubois grew in popularity, the class of directors who invited her to their films grew up; So, Georges Lautner, Edouard Molinaro and Henri Verneuil are interested in it. Impressive and a list of actors with whom Dubois shared the set; Among them were Jean Gabin (Jean Gabin), Bourvil (Bourvil), Fernandel (Fernandel) and Jean-Paul Belmondo (Jean-Paul Belmondo).
Among the film projects in which Dubois took part in the 70’s, special mention deserves the films’ Innocente ‘(‘ L’Innocente ‘),’ Surveyors’ (‘Vincent, Francois, Paul and others’ (‘ Vincent , François, Paul et les autres’), ‘Night Flight from Moscow’ and ‘Threat’ (‘La Menace’).
The role of Alice in ‘Surveyors’ brought Marie Dubois the National Academy Award. Quite warmly accepted and ‘Vincent, Francois, Paul and others’, filmed under the guidance of Claude Sauté (Claude Sautet). In 1978, she won the César Award in the category ‘Best Supporting Actress’; Brought this award to the actress the role of Dominic Monlau in the ‘Threat’.
Continued to withdraw Marie and in the 80’s, although somewhat less active; During this period she was able to play in the films’ Mon oncle d’Amérique ‘,’ La Petite Sirene ‘,’ Une femme en fuite ‘,’ The waiter ‘(‘ Garçon! ‘) And’ Descent into Hell ‘(‘ Descente aux enfers’). The last film brought Marie another nomination for ‘César’; This time, alas, to win Dubois failed – in the end, the prize went to Emmanuelle Béart (Emmanuelle Béart).
Unfortunately, it was during this period that Marie began to show comparatively bright signs of multiple sclerosis; As a consequence, acting career Dubois gradually began to fade. More and more often, Marie had to confine herself to roles of minor importance and vortex.
In 1961, Marie Dubois married the French actor Serge Rousseau (Serge Rousseau); In marriage they lived until Rousseau’s death in 2007. The child of Marie and Serge had one daughter.
October 15, 2014 Marie Dubois died in Lescar (Lescar), after a long battle with multiple sclerosis. At the time of death, the actress was 77 years old.

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