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Living at shallow depths in tropical and subtropical seas of the mantis shrimp (Stomatopoda) have the most complex eyes in the world. If a person can distinguish 3 main colors, the mantis shrimp — 12. Also, these animals perceive ultraviolet and infrared light and see the different types of polarization of the light.
Many animals are able to see linear polarization. For example, fish and crustaceans use it for navigation and prey detection. However, only the mantis shrimp able to see how linear polarization and more rare, circular.
These eyes give the possibility of a mantis shrimp to recognize different types of coral, prey and predators. In addition, while hunting cancer it is important to apply precise strikes with its pointed prehensile feet, what’s he help eyes.
Mantis shrimp is a solitary and aggressive sea creatures, though, and spend most of its life hiding in crevices or burrows dug in the soil. They go only if they need to find a new dwelling or prey. Some types of these cancers are waiting for the victim, and others have to find her and to discover, pursue and attack.
By the way, to deal with victim or predator, which can be much larger in size, mantis shrimp help sharp, serrated segments on the grasping legs. So, during the attack the mantis shrimp makes a few quick strokes of his legs, what causes severe damage to the victim or killing her.
Some types of preserved mantis shrimp use this technique to cope with clams and crabs, easily splitting their legs carapace solid or shell. While others prefer a fish that can kill, inflicting serious wounds only a few.
Interestingly, some particularly large specimens of preserved mantis shrimp can break glass with a single or a couple of attacks on him.

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