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Actor Luis Guzman has played in numerous feature films and television shows. His images – not of the same type – same actor brilliantly copes with comedy and drama.
Guzman’s career started with small roles nameless thugs and cops in films like ‘Crocodile Dundee 2’ (Crocodile Dundee II, 1988) and ‘ahead’ (The Hard Way, 1991). But one day the fortune turned to Louis face, and with it, an actor drew attention directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and Steven Soderbergh, who invited him to play in a film ‘Boogie Nights’ (1997), ‘Out of Sight’ (1998) and ‘Traffic’ ( 2000).
Luis was born August 28, 1956 in Puerto Rico. His childhood was spent in the Lower East Side – one of Manhattan’s neighborhoods. Guzman acting career began with his participation in the school play “Goodbye, little bird! ‘ (Bye Bye Birdie). The game is so seized Louis that he was as often as possible to act on the stage street theater and participate in various productions. Then the theater was passion Guzman and his main occupation was the work in the center of the social help in Manhattan.
The next step after the theatrical stage for Guzman was the appearance in the TV series ‘Miami Vice’, which was followed by numerous small role of ‘bad guys’ in feature films like “Crocodile Dundee 2 ‘,’ Family Business ‘(Family Business, 1989), and crime drama’ Q & A ‘(1990).
In the new decade, Guzman continued to play occasional and minor roles. So, in 1991, he starred in the film ‘ahead’ and ‘McBain. He also went on to appear in the series ‘Law & Order’ (Law & Order, 1990-), ‘Homicide: Life on the Street’, (1993-99) and the ‘NYPD Blue’ (1993-05). In 1993, Guzman succeeded several roles in the film ‘Mr. Wonderful ‘, performing the role of an employee distressed utilities (Matt Dillon) who renews relationship with former wife (Annabelle Skiorra).
The first, who drew attention to the Guzman and appreciated its potential, became Anderson. He offered the actor the role of club owner in the film, which became a breakthrough in Anderson’s career, ‘Boogie Nights’. The next spotted Louis Soderbergh, who directed him in a small, but extremely memorable role of a prisoner, which is nothing to do but only to help fellow inmate – a bank robber (George Clooney) – escape from prison in the ‘Out of Sight’ film. Next Soderbergh took a picture of ‘The Limey’ (1999), in which Guzman played the role of a friend killed a young girl (Melissa George), whose father (Terrence Stamp) doing the way from England to Los Angeles to find the murderer (Peter Fonda).
After the role of a detective in a Drama Series ‘The Bone Collector’ (1999), Luis has played the agent service on the fight against drugs in the film ‘Traffic’, where his partner on the shooting area became Don Cheadle.
Guzmán had to exert a lot of effort to prove that he is able to embody the characters and believable characters create serious. However, a couple missteps almost destroyed his career. In 2003, Luis has played in two crazy comedies – ‘The Adventures of Pluto Nash’ and ‘Dumb and Dumber blunt: When Harry Met Lloyd’ (Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd). Both films did not meet the expectations of box office, but it did not significantly affect the further work Guzman. For these films followed the pattern of ‘Anger Management’ (2003).
Next to Guzman followed a series of supporting roles. In 2005, he appeared in low-budget ‘Waiting’ comedy in the role of chef in a restaurant, who likes to do different abomination with him and with a meal. In the same year he played in the movie ‘Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power’. This was followed by a small role in the film ‘Fast Food Nation’ (2006) and ‘School for Scoundrels’ (2006), after which Guzman returned to the television series, starring in the sports drama ‘John From Cincinnati’ (2007) in the role of the owner of an old motel.
After another role of a detective in the movie Renny Herlina ‘Cleaner’ (2007), Guzman took part in voicing comedy ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ (2008) and then played a supporting role in the family drama ‘Nothing Like the Holidays’ (2008).
One of the last works of Luis Guzmán was the role in the film ‘The Taking of Pelham 123’ (2009), in which he played a former criminal partner (John Travolta), seized a subway train.

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