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Background, a brief description of Los Angeles
Los Angeles (Los Angeles) in the United States the largest city in southern California, on the Pacific coast. Founded in 1781 by the Spaniards.
Los Angeles leaves an impression of chaotic development and lack of a clear urban structure. The city center is only indicated by a few skyscrapers, which are in “Englewood” area between the national airport, and also near the university campus. On Wilshire Boulevard length of 24 km are located stores, restaurants, nightclubs and the most expensive houses in the world. The building is dominated by low-rise private houses. City crosses a variety of broad highways (with complex junctions), which rises high on pylons above the houses and gardens. Due to the high seismic hazard in the city it was built mainly in width and finished 1200 square meters. km.
In industry, the city is dominated by knowledge-intensive industries – aircraft construction, the complex space production, electronics, production of modern means of communication. Los Angeles – the country’s largest university center (University of California, whose campuses are located in Los Angeles, San Diego and Irvine, California Institute of Technology – “Caltech”; University of Southern California). In Los Angeles, there is a famous kinogorod – Hollywood, located in the hills north of the city center. It is adjacent to Hollywood’s biggest city park “Griffith” (only about 100 city parks). Not far from there is the Hollywood Beverly Hills, known as the “rich hill”. South of Los Angeles, along the ocean, stretch the beautiful resort town of Santa Barbara, Santa Monica et al., Where the mansions cost 60-80% higher than the US average. In Anaheim (south district) is the famous children’s entertainment park “Disneyland.”
The main attractions of Los Angeles
Downtown – the nominal center of the city. Here it was laid the settlement, which gave birth to Los Angeles. The modern Olvera Street you can admire national dances Mexicans and buy interesting souvenirs. Center – the only place in Los Angeles, where a lot of skyscrapers. Particularly impressive, they look at night.
Chinatown – a small corner of the East. The unique atmosphere of calm, polite bows and smiles, shops with Chinese silk, porcelain and jewels, bushes, fountains, etc. Very nice place.
Hollywood – the legendary city of cinema, television and radio. The Manns Chinese Theatre are world premieres, just shot in Hollywood. Here is the famous movie stars past and present left on the cement coating Palace imprints of their hands and feet. And next to the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame stretches. In a 10-minute drive from the Chinese Theatre is a unique open-air concert hall – the Hollywood Bowl (Hollywood Bowl). Here, give concerts celebrities – opera singers, symphony orchestras, rock and pop stars.
In Hollywood, is worth a visit to the wax museum and Guinness. Especially it will be interesting to children.
Beverly Hills – the area of private villas of the rich. Luxury estates represent the complete and final victory of hard work – a victory, known as the “stardom”. In Beverly Hills stars are allowed to show their “stardom” and inspired by his example those who have yet to come.
Universal Studios – it is worth to spend the entire day. You can take in the lead role of a movie and get it for free on videotape and learn the secrets of eye-popping stunts in the popular action movies, see “How to make movies,” to see an exciting show and, of course, a ride on the “cool” attractions “Back in the future, “” Jurassic Park, “” Shrek. ” It is necessary, however, a couple of hours to stand in queues, but believe me, it’s worth it!
Disneyland – the one real, the first Disneyland. The park was opened on the idea of Walt Disney in 1955 as “the happiest place on earth.” / The park draws in Los Angeles huge number of tourists. Every day here is up to 75 thousand people.
Naberezhnye Malibu, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach – are good at any time of the day: a light breeze from the ocean, the rustle of palm trees, cozy cafes, agile young people moving on to surf the crest of the wave, girls in bikinis, passing by on roller skates and bicycles . On the grass and lay basking in the sun negros and unemployed Mexicans.
In Santa Monica promenade runs Pasific Ocean Park, where you can ride a roller coaster, watch performances of sea lions and dolphins.
Shopping – Shopping in LA
Stores in Los Angeles, work from 9.30 to 18.00. Supermarkets, department stores and large shopping centers are open from 9.30 to 21.30 on weekdays and from 11.00 to 18.00 on Sundays. Prices of most commodities are low. But attention! The amounts on the price tags do not include tax, so the price is always necessary to add a further 8 percent. In the United States shall take all the bills – new, old, dilapidated, painted.
Kitchen – Restaurant in Los Angeles
In Los Angeles restaurants you can eat tasty and inexpensive. American breakfast – a buffet analogy. Breakfast is available from 5 to 17 dollars. It is recommended to visit the following places: “Planet Hollywood” (Planet Hollywood) in Beverly Hills – a traditional California cuisine in the interior of the studio and surrounded by dummy characters known militants. “Hard Rock Cafe” (Hard Rock Cafe) in Beverly Hills and Hollywood – dinner under the rock ballads among the unique photographs of rock stars and attributes. “Immersion” (Dive) – sea food dishes in the interior of the submarine. Bakery in Los Angeles, as well as in America, sold only to persons over 21 years. The street is open to drink alcohol can not. May arrest and impose a large fine. In many public places in Los Angeles non-smoking (restaurants, halls of hotels, transport, cinema, a few streets).

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