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Linkin Park Biography
Linkin Park is a popular American alternative rock band. It was founded called SuperXero, in 1996, was renamed to xero, later used the name hybrid theory and Linkin Park. Existing since 1999 under the name Linkin Park, the band has sold over 50 million records and twice won the Grammy awards. The group achieved success with their debut album, 2000, entitled “hybrid Theory”, sold 25 million copies (in 2010 he found a “multi-diamond” status, awarded RIAA). Their next Studio album, “Meteora” was repeated, though not surpassed the success of the previous, leading in 2003 to chart the Billboard Top 200.
The money received from sales of the album “Meteora”, the band used for charitable purposes around the world. The third album “minutes to midnight” that topped the charts in 32 countries, became a six-time platinum sales leader releases issued in 2007 around the world. 14 Sep 2010 they released their fourth album “a thousand Suns”. The first single “the catalyst” became a leader of the modern rock and mainstream rock charts Billboard.
The band Linkin Park was founded in 1996 by three classmates – Mike Shinodas, Brad Delson and Rob Bourdon. It was Originally called Xero, hybrid theory, and then. As a vocalist the band brought in Mark Wakefield, but he soon left the band and were not able to find a Studio and record label. The new singer was Arizona Chester Bennington, who gave the musicians listen to his vocal on the phone. Chester and he came up with the group a new name, derived from Lincoln Park (Park Lincoln) in Santa Monica city.
After seeing the performance of Chester, the guy who also claimed the role of lead singer of the band, left with the words: “If you don’t take him, you idiots!” Chester got the job. It is the mixture of voices – napersnogo and rocker plus homemade homemade samples DJ Joe gives the group a unique sound. Xero has changed the theory of its name Hibrid on to explain its mixture of styles, and began to look for a suitable accurate record. They were 42 listening in various companies, and everywhere drove them. Bassist Phoenix of left groups to take part in a tour with his old team and “Snack”. Electronic trio called “Hibrid” promised to sue them in court if they do not change the name, the Chester came up with a new name the moment when he drove past Lincoln Park Monica. In America almost every city’s Lincoln Park, named after the great President. The group had to change the spelling to register your own web site. During this difficult period, the children are constantly arguing what they want to achieve. For Mike, the main goal was to get a Grammy. They wrote the album with new material and sent it to record companies. In addition, they hired a support team that were posting they distributed posters and flyers. Finally in the spring of 2000, the company “Warner brothers” offered them a contract.
Music Linkin Park unique. Unlike most groups, they do not copy what others do in order to get an easy path to glory. Instead, Linkin Park has created a sound completely original and new. Linkin Park create music that stays in your head for a very long time. Live music and emotional vocals enter in. The songs are very diverse with the transitions from guitar to rap and electronic inserts. Plus clean melodic vocals of Chester gives the music melody and shows the talents and skills of the entire group. Ask the guitarist of Linkin Park brad Delson list of favorite groups with whom he wished to speak, and he is ready to answer. “We told our Manager, ‘Select the group, and we can go on tour with them.’ Our music combines a lot of areas in which there are a huge number of great bands that we could play …”
Delson is proud of the diversity and uniqueness apparent on the debut album “hybrid theory” (previously called the group). Delson and vocalist Mike Shinoda went to the same high school, where Delson also met the band’s drummer – Rob Bourdon. Then Shinoda met DJ Joseph Hahn while studying painting at the Art Center of Pasadena. The final member of the group was Chester Bennington, a native of Arizona who began studying music at the age of 16. “As soon as I learned to talk, he began telling everyone that I’m a singer,” laughs Bennington says. The combination of a rich, giant vocal talent of Bennington, which changes the talent to rap Mike. “I think that the overall goal of Mike and Chester is to understand each other better,” says Delson. “We want our sound was such that people heard him would say: ‘Oh, it’s Linkin Park’. We want everyone to have the momentum, but also our own style, so that You know which group You listen to.”. It has attracted the attention of the group after their very first performance in Los Angeles. After that, a contract was signed with Warner Bros., and the band began work on their first album with producer Don Gilmore (he previously worked with the group Eve 6, lit, pearl Jam). “We met many people and experienced a very difficult time,” says Shinoda. “But don, in addition, to make the sound perfectly,also allowed us to progress in the creation of the lyrics.”
The boundaries between musical styles have become shaky and Linkin Park is especially good at it from album to album to confirm this undeniable fact. In proof of this assertion, they have already taken a number of prestigious awards including a Grammy, but hits a measure here, without a doubt, one. It’s limitless, sometimes degenerating into insanity, the interest of the audience. Linkin Park always sincere in their texts, is categorical in his music, appearing before their audiences in the glitter and tinsel of percussion sound.
As people, they are also very edible – simple as brooms and unpretentious, as guests from Zhitomir. No looking down no, they do not keep their distance, as were persons with a status.
In short, Linkin Park sharpened to success and atypical as pneumonia. I doubt whether in the world of music is something valued more than technique, musicality and, of course, good taste.

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