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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio) – American actor and producer, winner of the “Golden Globe” and three-time nominee for “Oscar”. Widely known after the release of the movie “Titanic” and then starred in a number of successful projects.

Born November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, in a hippie family, his father worked as a distributor of comics, and his mother – social workers. Name the baby was destined, when Leo himself still in the womb pushed her inside in a moment of contemplation of Leonardo da Vinci. Alas, the couple soon divorced, even before the future actor was a year old. However, they subsequently tried to bring together a son. While living with her mother, Leonardo found himself in one of the worst suburbs of Los Angeles. Later, Leonardo recalled that the terms were drug dealers and prostitutes, people having sex right in the alleys, and he was often beaten. In the same period, he formed an extremely negative attitude to drugs. In Leonardo’s childhood was not particularly a lot of friends, he is more talked with parents but with their fellow artists and hippies, which at the same time attended the hippie parades. But while parents are very responsible attitude to education, and his mother always tried to arrange his son to the best schools. A father (when Leonardo was only a little more than two years) gave it to the children’s TV show, which was the debut of future stars on the screen. But soon the first liked Leonardo was removed from the filming of uncontrollable behavior. However, since early childhood, DiCaprio firmly realized that he wanted to become an actor. Thus, learning in elementary school Seeds University, he began attending acting classes. Then he began playing in the plays, acting in commercials and to fifteen years has got its own agent.
Continue the path to the heights of fame he had, like many others, with the game in the television series, one of which was the “Santa Barbara”. But there were Movie parts, for example, in films such as “Critters 3” and “Poison Ivy”. But already in 1993, Leonardo DiCaprio has bypassed many applicants and awarded one of the main roles in the film “This Boy’s Life,” which became a partner in Robert De Niro himself. The picture proved successful, opening the front door DiCaprio to further success. DiCaprio next work was the film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, which earned him a nomination for the “Oscar” and the attention of Hollywood. So, followed by roles in films such as “Quick and the Dead,” “Total Eclipse” and (more well-received) “Basketball Diaries.” But far more heavily on the entire future career affected part in a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”, long branded DiCaprio image for the romantic hero-lover. The film, called “Romeo + Juliet” has received a positive response of viewers and brought Leonardo DiCaprio a lot of fans around the world. But even more in this regard brought the following picture, taken by James Cameron – “Titanic”. The film, released in the 1997th was a huge success: it was presented at the “Oscar” in 14 nominations, of which 11 won, and the box office totaled about $ 1 billion.. However, later, against the background of “Titanic”, a few lost these pictures with DiCaprio as “The Man in the Iron Mask” and “The Beach”, filmed by Danny Boyle and has become, nevertheless, in its own cult.
Gradually the popularity DiCaprio subsides, and begin to forget. Probably he desired and Leonardo himself to move away from the roles imposed by the romantic nature and take up serious strong role. And it successfully it manages. A number of follow-up in the 2000s movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio receive high marks both critics and audiences, as well as nominated for numerous “Oscar” and “Golden Globe”, part of which win. Characters and acting of Leonardo greatly transformed and found a different psychological depth. At that time, the release of “Catch Me If You Can” (2002), “Gangs of New York” (2002), “The Aviator” (2004), “The Departed” (2006), “Blood Diamond” (2006), “Body of Lies “(2008),” Revolutionary Road “(2008),” Shutter Island “(2009), and completes the successful series tape Christopher Nolan’s” The Beginning “, published in 2010. However, and I saw the light in 2011, the painting “George. Edgar “, filmed on the biography of the former director of the FBI, was well received and presented to the” Golden Globe “award.
After the release of “The Aviator,” Leonardo ribbon was awarded the degree of the Knights of the French Order of Arts and Letters.
Leonardo DiCaprio is an active supporter of the environment and endangered species. So, in addition to significant contributions, he uses a green vehicle, solar panels in your home and even made a documentary on global warming “The Eleventh Hour”. As noted by many, of Leonardo, despite all the stardom, it retains the usual habits of a person, because, not being stingy, it will not leave your car in the paid parking, if it is possible to park for free.

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