LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens widescreen wallpapers

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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About ten years ago, the studio Traveller’s Tales has offered audiences all six parts of “Star Wars” in the constructor of LEGO games format. Then – a project based on the “Clone Wars”, and after that the developers do adventures in the universes of other films and franchises. Now, when a Star Wars re-remembered, it would be strange not to make use of the opportunity and do not release something based on the “Awakening forces.” The result is certainly very pleasant to fans of paintings, and far from all of the topic people will also get pleasure.
See episodes with gunfights great, but they occur too often.
Something familiar
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens almost completely repeats the events shown in the film – players will see the same characters in the same situations, and all the plot twists will be known to them in advance. Visit will Jacchia, the Resistance base and other locations, and manage users Han Solo, Finn According Demeronom and still a few hundred characters. Some episodes, unfortunately, to carry the game did not – otherwise rated “All” to get developers failed. But even without them, the passage will take more than one or two nights.
One of the features of The Force Awakens steel additional levels – a link between the sixth and seventh episodes of the saga. The creators worked on them together with Lucasfilm, so they can be considered canonical. For fans of “Star Wars” is difficult to come up with a better gift, but to get access to these missions are not so simple – it is necessary to collect at all levels of the gold blocks, and they, as it usually happens in the LEGO, very much.
Traveller’s Tales Games for a long time are the same pattern, and almost no change, and for some it will not be a disadvantage. But if you put one day to go before the goal of everything that the developers have done for the last ten years, it is very fast ostocherteet. The player gets to the location, breaks all the objects around, collects local currency, looking for secrets, sometimes with someone fights … differ only decorations, and saves the corporate humor, without which history would be much more boring.
Each hero has advantages and disadvantages – R-3PO, for example, can not jump.
But in the case of The Force Awakens authors nevertheless decided to add a few unique features. For example, periodically hero planted for shelter and are forced to shoot from the opponents. only at certain moments included shooting – himself to be in such a situation is impossible. The player can move the crosshairs where he wants, so put “headshots” and shoot the exploding barrels is not obstructed. Initially, these episodes seem spectacular, but as soon as you realize that there is no punishment for the injury or death is not, it becomes quite boring to participate in them.
Another innovation is associated with buildings from LEGO pieces. As you know, in past games remaining after the destruction of one or two objects debris could build something new and more useful. In The Force Awakens also allow to build not one, but two or three things. Therefore, some puzzles are forcing the player to collect something, use it to destroy and build again and repeat the process for as long as the way is opened further. The idea is interesting, especially due to the fact that the creation of various objects allows you to reach secrets and hidden LEGO blocks, and therefore explore the world becomes more fun.
Revived fantasy
Otherwise, nothing unusual in The Force Awakens not. Before starting the next story mission, you can walk along great locations, break objects, and run already completed chapters in free mode. Having access to most of the characters, the player can anyone go anywhere to interact with objects, which previously had to miss because of the lack of heroes. In general, even after the final credits, as in all such games, there will be enough cases for a few nights.
In combat, you can not only fight, but to shoot; that hero to do, he decides for himself.
Disappointing that still Traveller’s Tales refuses to add to their creations online co-op. But the co-flow on one screen in the “Star Wars” works fine – here together travel heroes with unique abilities. In one mission, for example, team-mates are Ray and BB-8: first – a clever and knows how to fight, and the other is able to hack terminals and electricity charge different objects. Although society is not perfect (and sometimes the second player to have to stand around and wait until the first has finished his business), The Force Awakens is one of the best games for playing together on a couch.
Manage aircraft is easier than in the early games of the figures from the LEGO, so rush over and destroy Takodanoy star fighter fun. We can not say that The Force Awakens the authors have made some incredible visual heights, but in general, the effects and graphics exclusively left a good impression.
But praise the scoring heroes, unfortunately, will not work. Actors from the “Awakening forces” agreed to record some replicas of their characters, but most of the game uses the phrase uttered in the film. Because of this quality just jumps from not very good to near perfect, with it is noticeable even in the same stage. Although the difference, frankly, it does not hinder – the lack of do not pay attention thanks to excellent animation and humor.
The game turned BB-8 seems to be even nicer than in the film.
In the case of the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens developers do not have to reinvent the wheel – the game can not be called exactly the same great step forward, what was the original LEGO Star Wars in his time. But it’s still a great adventure with lots of content, new ideas and bonus episodes, intended for the most ardent fans of the saga. But very soon there will come a time when a series of games will require substantial changes – always use the same formula will not work.
Pros: great sense of humor; nice graphics; a large amount of content and additional story episodes.
Cons: The game is made by the standard pattern without significant innovation; “Gathering” will have to be engaged to access the bonus missions.

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