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May 23, 1980 in Dallas, Texas born lane garrison, who played in the movies “Quality of Life” (Quality of life,2004), “Prison Break” (prison break,2005), “Crazy” (2006), “Shooter” (2007). After high school, not even thinking about getting into a prestigious College, lane went to L-Hey, to conquer the “Factory of stars”, Hollywood.
In fairness I must say that lane knew firsthand the hard work of the actor –in high school, he attended circle in the appropriate direction, fight club and the football section. Early lost his parents, lane with a truly sporty tenacity to carry out their dreams. And, although he rarely participated in the school initiative, perseverance bore fruit: the main star role the actor was the image of the Outcast in “Escape from prison”. But this was still far away, it was a legendary guitarist(“Crazy” (2006)) and a hero of our time, a fighter for justice – the sniper(“Shooter” (2007)). But it is time the role of a lifetime.
According to lane, he did not have to play, because David Apolskis – its exact copy, he himself hunted thefts and had problems with the law. The theme of the naughty life of street crime was so near young man that the movie moved into its reality , and that lane, who played the role of a prisoner in the television series “Prison Break”, was sentenced to three years and four months in prison for the manslaughter of student being under the influence of alcohol and drugs, lane became the cause of an accident, driving a car in which, besides him, were two fifteen year old girls and a seventeen year old male, who died from his injuries.
Character actor in “Prison Break” immediately “killed”, and he lane went to jail. However, he did not stay there long, and for 28 years was released for good behavior.
After this incident, the actor has managed to star in the TV series “the Event”(2010), the films “the Devil is in the details”(2012), The Last Resort (2012), A River Between (2013). He also engaged in writers ‘ and Director’s activities.

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