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Lana Parrilla

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July 5, 1977, in the family of a famous baseball player Sam Parry, who played in “Philadelphia Phillies” in the early ’70s, and his wife, the artist’s daughter, Maria was named Lana. Lana also has a sister. Lana Puerto Rican father and an Italian mother.
Already in early childhood, it is thought that in the future she would like to become an actress. She entertained her family scenes that were recorded in the form of home videos. His mentor Lana finds her aunt – Candice Azzaro (actress of theater and cinema), where she has always admired. While Lana is not actively involved in his career of 16 years, at 12 she already knew that she wanted just that.
After high school, Lana moved to Los Angeles, where she began to study acting, and later took up a career in earnest. However, it was not without personal tragedies. February 9, 1994 Lana’s father was killed by 15-year-old boy in the face. He was taken to hospital Long Island, but died of his wounds. He was 50 years old. According to some parents were divorced Lana. It was a devastating moment in the life of Lana, she grieved. But she realized that all you need to survive and move on. It is necessary to fulfill your dream and make things right.
Her film debut was in the film – a horror movie “Spiders» (SyFy). This was followed by two small roles in Grown-Ups and Semper Fi. Then Lana hit the cast of the series Spin City with Charlie Sheen, due to which she was seen. They began to receive offers to star in a fairly well-known series – Bumtaun and 24, and in 2008 he won the role of Lana sexual Trina in the CBS show – Svingtaun. A large share of fans and popularity after she received as Dr. Eva Zambrano in the series Medical Miami, but unfortunately the show was closed after the first season, which is very upset fans.
However, fate gave Lane a chance. Very unexpected for itself. While listening to the surgeon’s role in the new series (the game has been the experience of the doctor and Lana was sure that this role), she suddenly offered to go to the casting of the new ABC television series. She was told that she would fit the role of the Queen. For the sake of curiosity, Lana went to the casting. She once read a dialogue, then thank her, and she was gone. Soon she found out that she was taken on this role. It is this role earned Lana success in many countries. She has become an icon of the game and style for many fans who love Lana calls Evil Regals. Her talent led to love and sympathize with a character who is far from positive.
You would think that a great fame, came down at Lana, could affect her and her attitude towards others. However, those who met Lana – argue that it is very earthly and simple. She builds himself to the divine and not using his star status. She enjoys talking to the fans, trying to pay each time even when it is not.
Lana loves animals. She has a dog Lola and Bengal cat (it was 2).
A special symbol for Lana is a pen. Once she really need was a sign from above, and at this moment in front of her dropped a pen. Later, Lana made on the left wrist tattoo in the form of a feather (of her 3 Tattoo).
If we talk about personal life, then everything is fine. She finally found a soul mate. Her chosen name Fred Di Blasio. He has two children from a previous marriage – Patrick and Jack, with whom Lana on excellent terms. Those who met Lana and Fred, say they the perfect couple. That is, we should treat each other with loving people. And it was so warm eyes watching each other’s eyes.

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