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One of the most unusual species among the shepherds is celebrated dogs. Otherwise, the dog is called Hungarian sheepdog. When you first look at an animal similar to the shepherd hardly noticed. This is something big and awkward, reminiscent of a huge wad of bright wool, from which hang long dreadlocks. To some it may seem that before him the Jamaican Rastafarian braids with a lot, but it is not so. For lush fur hides Hungarian sheepdog, photos which as well as the further story about a special pet.
The story of the dogs
Looking at the Hungarian sheepdog from a distance, it seems that you see shaggy sheep. Maybe they have some distant relatives, because according to one of the legends in the world did this amazing creature of beauty at crossing a wolf and a sheep. The second assumption is not a legend, and has scientific evidence that the ancestors of dogs were herding dogs, but at some point for them, in fact, added a wolf blood, why they got the wolf intelligence and his own audacity. Who and when made such confusion wolves and dogs or wolves and sheep, the story does not disclose, but in the land of the Hungarians for about 1000 years, these creatures are living with long hair.
This is not the only mystery connected with the appearance of the breed. It is interesting and its name, which has the two most common versions of its origin:
The dog, once in Europe and the Middle East, constantly wandered to the tribes of the Magyars (Hungarians), hence, the name of her first – Hungarian sheepdog.
Every feature of his appearance the dog was not similar to those pets who lived next to the man. For the kind of wool, stately manner and considerable size it was called «cane commodore», which means in Italian “King Dog”.
The first Hungarian Komondor Sheepdog without exception, helps a person to graze flocks of sheep. This was aided by their endurance, the courage, the ability to defend against the enemy and defense property owner. Shaggy dog, which resembles a sheep from a distance, beautifully camouflaged in a flock of animals. When approaching wolves, the main enemies of sheep, she jumped out safely before the very nose of the predator, and found him by surprise. The man praised this quality of his assistant and took her with him to the mountains, where sheep grazed.
The appearance of the Hungarian sheepdogs
A distinctive feature of the breed Hungarian sheepdog is that its entire body is uniformly covered with long coarse wool exclusively white. These long strands resemble cornrows, dreadlocks called dog experts. The undercoat is in the adult dog is completely absent. Puppies have a soft fluff, but in two years it all falls out, and from the available wool cover begin to form dreadlocks. Hairs of the cover does not fall out, so the dog is comfortable to hold in a city apartment. Dogs have a distinctive feature: its coat is growing constantly, so with dreadlocks is getting longer and longer. In adults, pets, they can reach 70 cm.
At the Hungarian shepherd Shepherd shortened muzzle and broad forehead. Height of males at the withers is 70 – 80 cm Bitches are always a little smaller (about 60 – 65 cm).. Weight per adult varies from 50 to 60 kg.
The prevalence of the Hungarian Komondor on in the world today is quite high. Most often this breed can be found in the US. There it is more often used as a guard dog as a companion or family. In Russia, the breed is a relatively new, but already present in almost all the exhibitions.
Temperament Komondor
Strong and hardy Hungarian shepherd dogs was not only an excellent shepherd or guard magnificent, but also a great friend. This seemingly evil and it almost impregnable. Domesticated man she used to live in his dwelling, and feels great in your home or apartment. The only thing that it is abhorrent, it is a chain. Can not freedom-loving animal to live on a leash, so it is better to keep in a cage or in a courtyard behind a high fence.
His Hungarian sheepdog owners are extremely loyal. Especially like her small children in the house. To them it belongs to the special love: she does not like to play with them and do not want to, but always ready to defend. To an outsider in the house carefully eyeing. Just does not rush, trying to understand their intentions. Do not be afraid, if the opponent is much stronger than her. Enters into any fight, protecting the owner or property. In practice, before any enemy of Hungarian sheepdog invulnerable, as thick and very rough woolen cover provides protection not only from the wolves, but also from larger predators.
pet Training
Komondor Dog has a very ardent mind. Training is given to her so easily that sometimes, even as a young puppy, Hungarian shepherd dog starts to cheat and deceive, if possible capable of his master. On the other hand Shepherd dogs differs extraordinary stubbornness and unwillingness to obey the orders. Presumably, the fact that living a long time in the wild, it has become very independent and does not tolerate over a superiority. If a child to engage with a puppy, he is getting used to life in society and to the owner’s requirements.
Care Hungarian sheepdog
Despite the fact that dogs such shaggy dog, take care of it is very simple. This is one of the most clean animals. The dog was originally always with a shepherd to protect the flock. Nature created it so that it does not really smell of dog. Even if the dog gets wet or sweaty smell almost inaudible. It does not deliver it to the problems and molting. Her long hair, twisted into dreadlocks, not falling, but remains in the bundles.
almost no need to comb the adult animal. Long dreadlocks just need to sometimes attempt to disassemble, in order to prevent the formation of hairballs dumped. Puppy up to two years, have to constantly combing.
Bathe the dog can be, but this should be done very rarely. Once a quarter for it will suffice, although some of the breeders do it only once a year. Long coat dries very slowly, so you need to ensure that the dog is not easy.
While walking dogs fur collects the dirt, so the animal walks better in a protective suit. In wet weather it is advisable not to go with the Hungarian sheepdog from home. Trim the wool is not recommended, it is considered normal to have a natural life form. If the ends of the flagella trailing in adult dogs on the ground and collect dirt is allowed to cut them a little bit.
Daily stress and constant trips required for dogs, as it is actively being loving to run on open spaces. Not bad, if it is able to frolic in the yard of a country house. At low activity dog becomes passive, he sleeps a lot.
What to feed dogs puppy and adult dog
Shepherd dogs and guard dogs are accustomed to the simple hedgehog. From childhood, they are encouraged to make special food for puppies, where all the nutrients are balanced. As dogs get older, you can add in the diet of meat, cereals and vegetables. Though Hungarian shepherd dog and has impressive size, she eats very little. Depending on the daily use it may be enough feed between 1 kg to 1.5 kg.

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