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Full name is Kobe Win Bryant. He was born on August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The height of 200 centimeters, weight 95.3 kilograms. Education: The school in Lower-Merion, Pennsylvania, the university has never studied and, apparently, is not going to.

Selected by the Charlotte Hornets club in the first draft of the 1996 draft under number 13, but two weeks after the draft, on July 13, 1996, 61.1l was traded to the famous Los Angeles Lakers for the famous center Vlad Divac. Since then until now, Bryant plays only for the “Lakers.” Champion of the NBA 2000, 2001 and 2002. In the third five of the League first hit in 1999, in 2000 and 2001 was already in the second five, and then 5 times in a row – from 2002 to 2006 – was part of the first five stars of the National Basketball Association. In his debut season, he won an individual prize for scoring from above (“Slam Dunk Contest”).

Since the first year in the NBA, Kobe Bryant has been and remains the most productive player of his club. On this indicator, he immediately entered the top ten of the strongest basketball players of the League, and the last few years, without a doubt, is the leader in it. In one of the games of the 2005/06 season, Kobe scored 81 points. The absolute record belongs to Wilt Chamberlain – 100 points per game, and in second place is now Kobe Bryant. He has already participated 8 times in all Star matches. He missed these games only in his first season, when he played in the novice match against the recruits of last year, and in the 1998/99 season: he was chosen to play the All Stars game, but the trauma prevented him.

By the way, Kobe is a representative of the basketball dynasty: his father. Joe Bryant, nicknamed “Jellybean”, played in the NBA from 1975 to 1983 for the teams “Philadelphia-76”, “San Diego Clippers” and “Houston Rockets”, and now works as head coach of the club ” Angeles Sparks “, which is part of the Women’s NBA. Bryant the elder is a man, apparently, with original thinking. Generally, in the USA. when they want to emphasize courage and strength of character, they say: “He is real meat!” – “He’s real meat!” So Joe wanted to call his son Beefsteak. But when he learned that the most expensive steaks – originally from the Japanese city of Kobe, are made from meat of calves that are brewed with beer, and so this product is called “meat Kobe”, he chose such a strange name for his son (in English it is written “Kobe”, but read “Kobi”),

Now, that is not worth keeping silent. From my point of view, Kobe Bryant is too susceptible to “star fever”. He, for example, very painfully worried when one of his partners uses more than he, the attention of the press. He is almost unable to tolerate one more star in his team) ‘of the first magnitude. His three-year conflict with III-keel O’Neill led to the departure from the Los Angeles Lakers team not only O’Neill, but also the great trainer Phil Jackson, who was then called back for another two years, because the results of the Lakers abruptly went downstairs. In this conflict with Shakil, I am completely on the side of the latter. Kobe Bryant behaved simply in a boorish manner, allowing himself to make comments that are unacceptable between the club’s partners. In addition, I am personally acquainted with Shakil and I know his character: he is a very benevolent and gentle person who could not give an excuse, and all aggression was exclusively from Kobe Bryant. About the scandal with accusations of rape hotel cleaner I already told. The trial ended, in general, favorably for the Cobis, but after this story the NBA dramatically changed its attitude towards Bryant. The player implicated in such a scandal can no longer be the face of the League: Kobe no longer flashes on TV screens in commercials, many companies have terminated advertising contracts with him, his interviews have not appeared in magazines, and in general he depressed the interest of the press as a person. Season of 2005/06, he spent perfectly, became the most productive player of the League, going over the mark of 30 points per game, but his team fell into the playoffs only from the eighth place and in the first round flew from there. I think that, on the one hand, the acquisition of “Los Angeles Lakers” needs to be improved, and on the other hand. that the conclusion of a contract with a player requires the approval of Kobe Bryant, severely limits the freedom of both general manager Mitch Kapchek, and the head coach of the team, which again became Phil Jackson. I hope with age, Kobe Bryant still wiser and understand that you can play basketball alone, but you can not win. The team needs a normal climate, and Kobe himself must build friendly relations with partners.

The distinctive quality of Kobe Bryant is an amazing plasticity. His technique is not ideal, but it fits perfectly with his physical data. Still, with his height and weight, the player is quite athletic. – but endowed with a special congenital plastic. Any difficult movement is given to him without special training, because it is clearly impossible to rehearse in training. Before my eyes, he scored some incredible balls right from under the ring, diving under the defenders, several times by transferring the ball from hand to hand to “encircle” the opponent in the air. Sometimes there is such an impression that the jumping of the Koby is simply limitless: it can “outweigh” anyone in the air. The defender has already landed under the influence of gravity, and Kobi is still in the air, then he sends another ball to the target. It should be noted that. the longer Kobe plays in the NBA, the more he adds in the percentage of the implementation of three-point shots. He is a real sniper, whose distance to the ring does not cause any doubt. Several times he dared to beat from 8.5-9 meters in the decisive seconds of the match – and scored.

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