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Keith Harington: biography
Keith Harington – British theater and film actor, star of the popular fantasy television series “Game of Thrones.” Keith Harington plays the role of John Snow, whose fate is connected with the main intrigues and plot twists of this large-scale project.

Actor Keith Harington was born on December 26, 1986 in London. His passion for theater from an early age is understandable, because Keith’s mother is a playwright. Harington can be proud of his family and relatives: his father is a successful businessman, and his uncle is a baronet.

In 1992, Christopher went to Southfield Elementary School. After 6 years, his family moved from London to Worcester. There he graduated from high school, and during his studies often participated in school plays. He especially remembered the production of Waiting for Godot. Keith Harington liked to go on stage, but he did not think about the profession of an actor. The guy could not decide for a long time: he saw himself as a journalist, then a cameraman, then he wanted to become a war correspondent. But in high school, Keith Harington knew exactly what would become an actor.

After school, he studied at the School of Speech and Dramatic Art – one of the most prestigious institutions in London. Time has shown that the years of study were not in vain.

Keith Harington was 22 years old when he received a high school diploma and began working at the Royal Theater. Simultaneously with the main work, he participated in performances of the New London Theater. The actor made his debut in the play “War Horse” in 2008. The role was one of the central ones; the beginning actor brilliantly coped with it. Spectacular looks and talent of Kita were liked and remembered by the audience, and theater critics also favored him.

In 2010, Harington received the role of Ed Montgomery in the production of “Posh”. The actor wants to play the role of King Henry and believes that his dream will come true. The theater he considers his work, and filming a movie – a hobby.

Keith Harington is often called John Snow, the hero he played in Game of Thrones. The actor came to the casting and easily bypassed hundreds of other applicants. In 2011, viewers saw the first season of the Game of Thrones, after which Harington woke up famous.

True, he had to act in a wig, because his own hair was short. Gothic image of John, his craving for black color are close to the actor. Fans, on the contrary, are confident that Kit is a more cheerful and positive person than his character. Proof of this are funny photos and videos taken during breaks. For example, Harington’s colleague Emilia Clark posted a video on Instagram, how Keith dressed as John Snow portrays a dragon waving a cloak. For the first day of the video gained 11 million views.

But the actor himself argues that in everyday life would necessarily make friends with John Snow. True, Kit was upset that in the fifth season, Snow should die by the hands of his brothers in arms.

However, this did not prevent the actor to continue to appear in the series. John Snow gradually became one of the main characters of this fantasy saga. Viewers were looking forward to new details of the character’s biography, they watched with pleasure the formation of the hero.

The Game of Thrones is the largest project in the life of Keith Harington, but far from the only one. He also starred in the films “The Seventh Son” and “Pompeii.” For the role in “Pompeii” actor had to build muscle. According to journalists, the actor is keen on fast food, and in his youth he was completely plump, so the new figure demanded a lot of effort from China. But today the actor can boast of prominent muscles, and also weighs 72 kg with height of 173 cm.

But even these new projects did not help the actor, because the roles in them turned out to be of the same type, so in 2014 China was increasingly called the “actor of the same role”. The situation changed after the release of the comedy “7 days in hell”, the action of which unfolds in our time.

In 2015, the action movie “Ghosts: The Best Fate” was released, in which Keith Harington played. Again, critics and frustrated fans fell on him. In 2016, Keith Harington played in the underworld thriller. The film is different unusual composition. The picture is divided into four short stories, three of which are in non-chronological order.

The actor is not upset about the same type of roles. Keith makes plans for the future and dreams of sometime to play in the pictures of Ridley Scott and Martin Scorsese.

Personal life
Keith Harington does not talk about privacy. After the “Game of Thrones” fans attributed to him a romance with actress Emilia Clark. The reason for the talk was the frequent appearance of young people in public. Also, the actors co-starred in advertising the perfume brand Dolce & Gabbana.

The stars appeared in two videos for the perfume ad campaign called The One. But Keith said that he and Emily were good friends, not more.

Soon, Harington began to notice in the company of Rose Leslie, who played Igritt all in the same “Game of Thrones”. In the spring of 2016, they officially announced that they had become a couple.

The remaining novels, which were attributed to the actor, remained the fruits of the journalists’ fantasies.

Candid scenes in which Keith and Rose had to act in were turned into serious relationships and in life. Keith and Rose have a lot in common: they are of the same age, were born and raised in the UK, are engaged in one business. Keith Harington admitted that he was happy to star in intimate scenes with Rose Leslie and never demanded an understudy. Moreover, he was looking forward to a new shooting day to touch the girl he liked.

On July 21, 2017, journalists learned that the couple was engaged. In parallel with this, part of the publications called rumors about the engagement of ordinary gossip, arguing that the actors, although in a relationship, are not yet planning a wedding. However, Keith and Rose have already committed another responsible joint act. Actors bought a common real estate: a house in England worth $ 2 million.

In October of the same year, the relationship of Kit and Rose again attracted the attention of fans. Keith Harington was a guest of the program “The Jonathan Ross Show”, where he spoke about the lottery, which gave the girl. The actor put a fake head in the fridge with a face like his own face. The show was shown recording a hidden camera, which shows how the girl falls on her knees, screams and cries when he sees it.

Joking Harington received opposite reviews from fans. Many considered such an act in relation to a loved one cruel and irresponsible.

Keith Harington now
In 2017, the actor continued to star in “Game of Thrones.” The events of the series lead to a large-scale war with the Others, in which John Snow is assigned the main role. After the end of the broadcast of the season there were news about the shooting of the next one. And if the seventh season relied on George R.R.’s unfinished book. Martin “The Winds of Winter”, which comes out in 2018, then the eighth to the original story will add only the best practices from the planned, but not even started, book “Dream of Spring”.

Also in 2017, the actor starred in the lead role in the mini-series “Gunpowder”. The series is dedicated to the failed Powder conspiracy, which occurred in 1605. For the British, this is a momentous event, moreover, in the UK every year marks the anniversary of the conspiracy, which today is known as the night of Guy Fawkes.

In December 2017, GQ magazine awarded Keith Harington first place in the anti-rating of the worst mods of the year.

January 6, 2018 another news from the life of the actor appeared – and again negative. Keith Harington made a drunken brawl in a bar. A video of how an actor prevents strangers from playing billiards and provoking a fight, took a visitor to the bar and put it on Twitter. As a result, the guards brought the drunken Whale into the street and did not let the star who had sorted out go into the restaurant again.

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