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Kings of Leon

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Biography Kings of Leon
Rock formation Kings of Leon was formed in Tennessee, USA, in 2000. Its lineup consisted of brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill, as well as their cousin Matthew. In childhood the brothers had to travel a lot with his father, an itinerant preacher. After he broke up with his cloth. in 1998, the guys finally turned to a settled way of life and decided to create his own musical group. Play the brothers decided to rock music. They called their collective Kings of Leon on behalf of his father and grandfather – both named Leon. In a relatively short period of time they have mastered musical instruments, and released a mini-album Holy Roller Novocaine (2003). Four out of the five songs included in the debut full-length album Youth & Young Manhood, released in the same year. Theme songs were based on texts of Scripture. Kings of Leon quickly found himself the center of attention. Critics liked their style, long hair and mustache, damp the sound in the spirit of good old rock-n-roll and sincerity of the musical material. The group became a kind of guide in the past. The album was released simultaneously in the US and the UK, and the British reacted to the newcomers with a lot more warmth than their compatriots. Youth & Young Manhood started from the third position of the British chart, selling a circulation of 83 thousand copies.
Kings of Leon caught the right time and made themselves known just when to listen and play rock in its purest form has again become fashionable. In addition, many were attracted by the very history of musicians who grew up in a strict religious upbringing, has not received proper education, but managed to make a name for myself and made me believe in my music. The second album Kings of Leon was released in October 2004 under the name of Aha Shake Heartbreak. He continued the line of his predecessor. With this release, the group has significantly expanded its audience, both at home and abroad. The single The Bucket reached the top twenty in the hit parade of great Britain. Many more eminent colleagues very positively spoke about the young team. Among them were Pearl Jam and Bob Dylan, with whom the Kings of Leon gave a lot of concerts in 2005 and 2006.
In March 2006 Kings of Leon returned to the Studio to work on their third album Because of the Times. He was born in April 2007. This record group has strengthened its position in modern music as one of the best teams from the United States. By tradition, the new Kings of Leon in Albion took better than at home musicians. Particular success in Britain, had preceded the album’s release the single On Call. This work has identified some changes in the music of Kings of Leon. To replace a dirty garage sound is now more Mature, smooth sound. In February of 2008, Kings of Leon began to prepare his fourth album, Only by the Night. One of his songs, Crawl, was posted on the website for free download in July 2008. The album was released in September of the same year. The musicians promised to make it heavier and kept his word. The novelty here was at the top of the British hit parade. In December 2008 in the UK and Ireland hosted a major tour in support of Only by the Night. And in 2009, the band released an EP called Notion, which was also presented footage from concerts and b-sides. Fifth, the traditionally strong Studio work rockers I saw the light and 2010 and was named Come Around Sundown. The album is easily recognizable in the manner of Kings Of Leon, which is so loved by numerous fans around the world, and, of course, Come Around Sundown will appeal to all lovers of quality rock music.

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