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Kevin James

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Kevin James – American comedian, producer and screenwriter. Best known for his role as Doug got in stikome “King of Queens” and roles in the comedies “Hitch Method,” “Chuck and Larry”, “Classmates”. He went into the top 100 of the best stand-up comedians.
Born into a family therapist and owner of an insurance agency April 26, 1965. Parents waited for the girl, because the couple already had the eldest son, but when Kevin was born, the family put up, thinking. “And two guys – good” Subsequently, the parents of James has got another son, and after the third finally given up hope of a daughter, turned his attention to the expectation granddaughters. Kevin grew up like all his peers interested in music and football, and that decided to do professionally. After graduating from high school Melvill, how to release a lot of the “star” of graduates, he enrolled at New York University, Cortland. The University Kevin played football, and was the quarterback on the team, but the study of the future actor burden. Promayavshis in higher education three years, Kevin threw it and went to her parents. But at home he quickly became bored. To entertain themselves and something to do, James joined the theater community. Theatre and performance in which Kevin James comedy roles battered, dragged him. Soon Kevin joined brother Gary, and they began performing together.
In 1989, Kevin made his debut in the popular Long Island club as a stand-up artist. Ten years Kevin, along with his friends played in the genre of stand-up in clubs and on television. His humor is loved and leading editors of programs such as “Ellen DeDzheneris”, “Show with David Letterman” and many others. By the early 90s, Kevin entered the hundred best comic actors stand-up genre. In one of his speeches, he met with Ray Romano. Together with Ray, James became the star in sitcom CBS.Sitkom “Everybody Loves Raymond,” which starred Kevin gave him a start as a film actor. In 1998, Kevin got the lead role in the comedy series “King of Queens”, which went on for nine years. Now, not only America but the entire globe learned of Kevin and his character Mr. Douglas Doug Heffernan. Also in 1998, James starred in the TV series about the police, “Chinese policeman.” In 2004, the actor starred in a small role in the film by Peter Segal “50 First Dates,” and a year later played a role in the film Albert Brenamena Will Smith’s “Hitch method”. In 2006 Kevin voiced the characters of the animated movie directed by Gil Kenan “Monster House,” which received the “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” as the best in its category. Also in 2006, he announced Kevin Otis major role in the animated film “Barnyard.” In 2007, James starred in the comedy Dennis Dugan “Chuck and Larry”. Comedy about Fat Men Chuck (Adam Sandler) and Larry (Kevin James) collected in the US $ 120 million. Three years later, Kevin continued to cooperate with director Dennis Duganov this time during the filming of the comedy “Classmates”. In the “Classmates” Kevin played Lamonosoffa Eric and his partners were Maria Bello and Adam Sandler. The film also became a box-office and popular. In 2013, the expected continuation of the comedy grown, but not the aged scholar “Classmates – 2”. Kevin James since 2004, is married to model Steffani De La Cruz. The couple have three children. In his spare time, the actor playing golf and trying not to miss the iconic games.

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