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Date of birth: 11.04.1984 year
Place of birth: Bakersfield, CA, USA
Citizenship: United States
Her young years were spent in the suburb of Thousand oaks. At the age of 14 she appeared in the bar one friend, the actor, there was his Manager, and he invited garner to try myself as an actress.
The graceful actress with bright eyes, a California native, Kelli garner, was in the actor’s environment in adolescence: around the same time she appeared in cinema and on television, and in music videos. Basically the role garner is the image of the ‘bad girls’, which she created in India-drama ‘the Sadist’ (Bully, 2001) and the television series ‘Buffy, the winner of the vampire’ (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1997-2003). The next step in his career garner began shooting music videos for the songs reppersky ‘N. E. R. D.’ and leaders of the music charts, punks ‘Green Day’.
Long-term cooperation with Directors Mike mills and Martin Scorsese have allowed garner to a wider audience of fans after starring in immersing you into thinking the film is mills ‘thumbsucker’ (Thumbsucker, 2005), and Hollywood history Scorsese ‘the Aviator’ (The Aviator, 2004).
Born Kelli garner April 11, 1984 in Bakersfield, California. Her young years were spent in the suburb of Thousand oaks. At the age of 14 she appeared in the bar one friend, the actor, there was his Manager, and he invited garner to try myself as an actress.
The first work of garner became involved in a short video, Mike mills – ‘Architecture of Reassurance’ (2000), somewhat reminiscent of the story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The film was shown at the film festival ‘Sundance’. Present the photographer, who later became a film Director, Larry Clark, just looked for the youth. An unusual smile garner struck Clark, and he chose her for his project.
The experience that Gardner was working with the mills that were useful to her when she auditioned for the shooting of the video ‘Everything but the Girl’ – song from the film ‘thumbsucker’ (2000). In the same year, Kelly was accepted into the cast of ‘This is How the World Ends’, a youth version of the TV series ‘twin Peaks’ (Twin Peaks).
Continuing to seek work in the series, garner got the role in the horror series ‘Buffy, the winner of the vampire’, playing gossip girl Christy in a series of 2001 under the name ‘Body’ (The Body). A little later in the same year the premiere of the feature film starring garner – teen drama Larry Clark’s ‘Sadist’. In this film Kelly played the role of Heather, one of several teenage girls who decided to kill someone of your own age bullying and sadism, which he gave to the guys. The story underlying the film is based on real events that occurred with adolescents in Florida. The film, Clark has become popular among the public, and garner, however, went on to star in the series. Several times, she appeared in a cameo role in the TV series ‘Grounded for Life (2001-2005).
In early 2002, garner played in the movie by Philip Seymour Hoffman’s ‘Love Lisa’ (Love Liza), and then reappeared in the video clip – this time she shot for the song ‘Provider’ rap ‘N. E. R. D.’.
In early 2004, garner returned to the role of a realistic cruel girl trapped in a teenage group of assassins, faced with another group of their peers. It was a role in the TV series ‘Law and Order: Special victims unit’ (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, 1999). At the end of the year Kelly ‘went flying’ with Leonardo DiCaprio in the film-winner of the ‘Oscar’ – ‘the Aviator’. The heroine Callie was a young starlet faith Domel, beloved Howard Hages, Hollywood Mogul. Almost immediately after the film’s release garner from an unknown actress became the famous personality of Hollywood.
Over the past few years garner appeared in the films ‘London’ (London, 2005), ‘Lars and the real girl (Lars and the Real Girl, 2007), ‘Adolescents as adolescents’ (Normal Adolescent Behavior, 2007). She also appeared in the video for ‘Green Day’ for the song ‘Jesus of Suburbia’ and has performed on the Broadway stage in the musical ‘Dog Sees God’.

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