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Born on 26 March 1985 in Teddington, Middlesex County (England).
Full name – Keira Christina Knightley.

Permanent place of residence of the actress is safe to assume the Richmond area of London – here she spent most of her life. Parents Kira – actor Will Knightley and writer-playwright Sharman Macdonald – made a bet: Mom future star, a former stage actress, has decided to engage with the acting profession and to have a second child (they had a son, Caleb), but her husband has set one condition – afford another child, they can only sell if Sherman his play. So, in the beginning was born mom debut of “When I Was a Girl, I Used to Scream and Shout” – play, which was soon bought one of the London theaters and then Cyrus.

Even in childhood, Knightley was surprised to find her parents requesting agent: it seemed very strange that in their home telephone constantly ringing off the hook mom or dad, and she did not offer! However, Cyrus first had to prove to them that it will be able to learn well if she will be allowed to appear: “Study on the first place”, – said the parents when the girl discovered dyslexia (impaired reading and writing). Kira had an incentive: if it is hard to engage (even during school holidays) – she will be the agent! In the end, this fight has taught her self-discipline and patience at an early age, which is certainly important for the future of the actress – as a result, in the six years she has got its own agent.

Seven Years Cyrus made her debut in the television film «Royal Celebration» – she had the role of a little girl. This was followed by a tiny role in the first film “Village Business” (1994) and “Innocent Lies” (1995), “Treasure Seekers” (TV, 1996), and the increasing prominence of the young Judith Dunbar in television melodrama “Homecoming”, the main role which she played a movie legend Peter O’Toole.

However, the name of Keira Knightley first appeared on everyone’s lips is not in connection with her actor’s achievements.
In 1999, George Lucas, struck an amazing similarity Knightley and Natalie Portman, invited her to the role Sabau, maid-Double Queen Amidala in Hollywood superblokbastera “Star Wars: Episode I. The Phantom Menace.” Knightley’s participation in the project was kept a closely guarded secret, and everyone believed that both roles she sang Portman. The fact that Knightley sometimes substitute for his stellar counterpart, it became clear immediately, because even its own mother could not distinguish between the two actresses – “twins” when they were in their makeup and costumes!

Random promotion helped Knightley get more serious role: in 1999, she played Rose Fleming in the British miniseries “Oliver Twist” on the novel by Charles Dickens, and in 2001 received his first starring role in the Disney TV movie “The daughter of Robin Hood: Princess of Thieves” .
In the same year, 15-year-old Cyrus first appeared nude in the film “The Pit” (the film was not released in theaters as an actress under 16).
Convincing game Knightley in a dark thriller Nick Hamm has not brought her fame: because the script in the center of the film was much more colorful and controversial character Liz Dunn by another young actress Torah Birch ( “American Beauty”).

However, this summer, when Cyrus was taking final exams at school, she was invited to star in the film about an Indian teenage girl. The film is called “Bend It Like Beckham” and was a breakthrough Knightley in a great movie -. Shot in just 3.5 million pounds, he has collected about 76 million dollars in worldwide box office and brought the long-awaited Knightley fame and popularity.. To successfully implement the on-screen image of Juliette Paxton, infecting the audience with his play in football, Cyrus, along with performer starring Parminder Nagra studied Brazilian method of playing.

Meanwhile, Cyrus came in Esher College to study classics, English literature and political history, and continued to act in films, choosing the role that could expand its cast range. Thus, in January-March 2002, she was busy on the set of art-house drama about drug addiction “Immaculate”.
An unusual experience for the actress was her participation in the two short films, for which it has not received any payment: «The Seasons Alter» (2002), a modern interpretation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” scene from Shakespeare’s play (the film was shot by order of the environmental organization Futerra, the patron of which is the mother of Kira), and “New Years Eve” (2002) director Colin Spector.

Soon, Cyrus was forced to interrupt his studies to which she did not have enough time because of filming in Slovakia. She took the lead role of Lara Antipova in chetyrёhseriynoy telenovela on the classic novel by Pasternak’s “Doctor Zhivago” (2002).
At the end of the year Cyrus also starred in the directorial debut of Richard Curtis’ “Love Actually” (released in 2003), to use audience success, where she played the bride Juliet, which secretly in love with the best friend of her husband.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, released in rent in summer 2003, had a huge success worldwide. Keira Knightley has played the female lead. The appearance on the screen of the brilliant Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom not only made the actress an incredibly popular, but also close to the steps summarized Hollywood Olympus. “Regular features”, “naturalness and innate taste”, “refined manners” and “charming British accent,” 18-year-old actress, who vied admired leading American publications, could not go unnoticed in Hollywood – a girl with a pretty face got the entrance ticket the main factory of dreams. However, she Knightley takes it quite calmly.

Next were shooting in “Love Actually” (2003), “King Arthur” (2004), “Domino”. Cyrus got first refusal of directors “Jacket” (2005) John Meybyuri and “Pride and Prejudice” (2005) Joe Wright: the first did not believe that it can play a role; second I thought “Knightley is too beautiful to be Elizabeth Bennet” – but she was able to convince the two that is suitable for this role like no other.

For the role of Elizabeth Bennet in the latest movie Keira Knightley was nominated for an Oscar as best actress.

In 2005, the actress also starred in a new genre, playing real-life personality of the model Domino Harvey, daughter of bohemian parents, turned into a “bounty hunter.”

The second and third parts of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was released in the summer of 2006 and 2007. The shooting, as well as last time, took place in Los Angeles and in the Caribbean. However, rumors about his final move to America permanently denies Keira Knightley: “Los Angeles – it’s a terrible place. I come in horror when you need to go to America for the promotion for the film. I love this country, but I’m too brit-aaa-nka! ”

Since 2003 – the actress is the face of the British jewelry house “Asprey”.

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