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Canadian and American actor of film, television and theater.
Full name – Keanu Charles.
Born September 2, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon.
Keanu Reeves, unlike many actors in life is exactly the same as on the screen – a nice, slightly slanting eyes, young, slightly pensive, a little eccentric, not very sociable. Gentle and polite, incredibly humble, he loves overpraise partner, director, screenplay. Keanu Reeves at the same time – a real daredevil, a child jumped from the roof, and now loves risk. Some of his hobbies include horse riding, playing hockey, windsurfing, ballroom dancing. Generally Reeves loves motorcycle and simply obsessed with speed, for which he pays countless scars.
His father – a half-Chinese, half Hawaiian from a wealthy family, a geologist by profession, he met his future wife, Patricia, an English actress variety when on vacation in Lebanon, which explains why such an exotic place of birth Keanu Reeves. Difficult to pronounce the name of Keanu (himself an actor pronounces it that way) is the language of the tribe, living in Hawaii, “the cool mountain breeze.” His father left the family when he was six years old, and since then almost did not see her son.
After the divorce, Patricia children across Australia and New York made it to Canada. Keanu Reeves still retains Canadian citizenship. In elementary school and four middle-class, including a performing arts school, Keanu Reeves went to Toronto. He was always more interested in theater or hockey, rather than the actual study, and in 17 years he was expelled for bad behavior and poor academic performance.
Keanu Reeves, having left the school, while moonlighting in different ways (sharpening skates, trimming trees), and in 1984 finally made his stage debut in “boy-cub,” the play, which is due to gomoerotichsskih subtexts became a cult hit in Toronto. There were several major works on television. In his notice, and since 1986 Keanu Reeves begins in the movies, and gets several roles, one of which – in the drama of hockey players “Young Blood”.
Keanu Reeves idol of youth made the film “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” where he was able to accurately reproduce a teenage boy mentality, ready to embark on a journey just to pass an exam on the history of the time. He created the image of another empty-headed teen was so successful that Keanu Reeves began to identify with this particular type. On this, perhaps, end the initial phase of Reeves’ career and began a period of unpredictable decisions, because the actor did not want to drive themselves to the narrow confines of a single line.
In 1988, he changes it, and not without a certain charm plays a young energetic music teacher Danya in “Dangerous Liaisons” (1988). The movie opened a series of paintings, which is set in the past.
The second surprise – Shakespearean theme. However, it is not so surprising when you consider that Keanu Reeves with his childhood love of Shakespeare. Picture of Gus Van Sant’s “My Own Idaho” (1991) modern fantasy on Shakespearean themes, became actor’s triumph Reeves. The son of the mayor of the city for entertainment associated with the homeless, and embarks on a journey together with his new friend (River Phoenix), whose poverty forced into prostitution. Keanu Reeves and Phoenix turned the picture into a cult film, which enjoyed surprisingly big box office success.
Soon he played Hamlet on the stage of the Canadian theater – not too smart role for rising Hollywood “stars”, but all the reviews, he coped with it brilliantly.
A really well on Reeves spoke only in 1994 after the “Speed”. Resourceful, muscular brave Jack Treven immediately captivated the audience. Keanu Reeves has matured and evolved from a teen idol to a real “star” of action movies. Showered with new proposals, some of the potential amount of the contract is seven million dollars. But the pursuit of money has never been a determining factor for Keanu, and, guided by the artistic taste and yet the same reluctance persists, the actor refused to star in “Speed II».
Although a significant percentage of “militants” in his record, Keanu Reeves does not consider himself an actor of action films, and proved that “Devil’s Advocate” where he played a young and talented lawyer, sold his soul to the devil.
Reeves quite satisfied when up to 2 thousand dollars a week will appear on stage in the role of Hamlet, or goes on tour with his band «Dogstar», where he plays the bass guitar. Yes, among other things, he is also a musician. The band has released three CDs and is constantly giving concerts not only in the US and Canada, but also in Europe and even in Japan, where Keanu, by the way, are very fond of. The style of music – folk-punk or something like that.

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