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Born 02.27.1983, Bedford, NY, USA
American actress
The beginning of the way
Kate Mara was born on February 27, 1983 in Bedford, American New York, the son of the breeder in the football club “New York Giants” Chris and his wife, Mary Kathleen. Kate had an older brother Daniel and two sisters: Conor Rooney, the latter is also an actress.
After viewing in childhood play “Les Miserables,” Kate “lit up” the desire to become an actress. She fell in love with Broadway and musicals, and especially she liked the movies with Judy Garland. In nine years, she began to play in school productions and community theater, attended several acting schools. In an interview with the magazine “Esquire” Kate Mara admitted that she was a very shy girl, and had only one girlfriend, felt uncomfortable in a large number of people.
Already in fourteen years Mara has signed a contract with the actor’s agency and became a professional actress. In the year before she graduated from high school, Fox Lane, and was accepted into the Tisch School of Arts at New York University, but due to busy as an actress three years put off going to college.
Film career
Kate Mara’s debut took place on television in 1997 in an episode of the eighth season of the most popular in the US detective series “Law & Order.” I must say that at the beginning of his film career, Kate Mara played mostly bit parts in such TV series as “Madigan,” “Ed,” “Boston School”, “C.S.I .: CSI”, each series of the last was dedicated to one of solved crimes. The creators of this crime film directed by Joe Chappell, Karen Gaviola the main roles were invited actors: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez and Alexander Handi. Kate has become a notable work and role in the US TV series of the year 2003-2009 “Cold Case.”
Kate Mara’s film career started on the big screen in 1999 in the film Sydney Pollack’s “Web of Lies”, where she fulfilled the role of Jessica Chandler in a duet with Harrison Ford. The author of the script was a detective melodrama Kurt Ludtke, in which a man and a woman lost in a terrible plane crash closest people trying to work together to uncover the cause of the accident. Other leading roles were played by actors: Kristin Scott Thomas and Charles S. Dutton. Kate worked perfectly and on movie sets of films: “Body Parts”, “Everwood,” “Jack and Bobby”. All films are made in the USA.
“Brokeback Mountain”
Kate Mara acting career picked up speed and it often was invited to more significant roles. In 2005, rolling out the low-budget horror film “Urban Legends 3: Bloody Mary”, in which the great actress played her first leading role. In the same film, the debut of younger sister Kate, Rooney Mara. In the same year, viewers saw the drama Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain,” where Keith played a small role of grown-up daughter of the hero Heath Ledger. This role brought the actress some notoriety because the painting was well received by audiences and critics, and has received numerous awards and was even nominated for “Oscar” a prestigious award. The director took on the starring an excellent team of actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, Graham Beckel, Randy Quaid.
In early 2006, Mara has signed a contract with the famous actor’s agency “William Morris Endeavor”, while the New York newspaper “Daily News” included a well-known actress in its annual list of the 10 most promising young actors of America. The family comedy “Captain Zoom” with Tim Allen and Courteney Cox starring Kate Mara starred as a teenager, owning telekinesis.
In the film, directed by McG, “We – one team” with Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Fox starring Mara has fulfilled the role of the bride’s footballer of the deceased. The painting was shown a true story – the death in a plane crash 75 players and coaches of American football team the University of Marshall Huntington West Virginia and the difficulties of forming a new team.
Kate Mara’s acting career took more vivid shape. In 2007, critics and audiences have noted an interesting actress working in the youth comedy “The truth and nothing but …,” and in the action film directed by Antoine Fuqua’s “Shooter.” In 2008 thriller directed by Brad Anderson’s “Trans-Siberian Express”, in which the main roles fulfilled Ben Kingsley and Woody Harrelson, Kate Mara played brilliantly terse twenty girl ran away from home.
In another film, 2008 adventure film “Stone of Destiny”, which tells about a real case of abduction in 1950 by four students of the stone of Scone, Kate starred as a student at the University of Glasgow. The next year brought the role of Kate Mara girl hero Justin Timberlake starring in the movie “The Open Road” directed by Michael Meredith.
In 2009, Kate Mara co-starred with Josh Radnor and Malin Akerman in the movie “Happy! Thank you! More! Please!”. Exit action adventure written and directed by Jonathan English “Ironclad 2” was scheduled for May 2011, where Kate Mara also played a supporting role. Starring: Jason Fleming and starring Paul Giamatti in the lead roles. The film is set in the distant past, in 1215, when rebellious English barons forced King John to sign the Magna Carta.
In 2012, the same year on the screens released thriller directed by Štefan Rutsovitska “Blackbird”, created by the script Zack Dean. Kate Mara in duet with Olivia Wilde starred. The film goes the story of the two fugitives, brother and sister, who came to the meeting of relatives of the former boxer.
Interesting Facts
Kate Mara Family owned football club “New York Giants” and “Pittsburgh Steelers” and its ancestors: Tim Mara of the father and Art Rooney mother’s side, were their founders. Uncle Keith – John Mara, is currently the co-owner and president of the club “New York Giants”, and his father a famous actress takes to the club as vice president.
2006 New York Daily News newspaper included Kate Mara in its annual list of the 10 most promising young actors of America.

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