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Justin Drew Bieber – this is the full name of the world-renowned Canadian artist, who last year celebrated its 20th anniversary. Despite such a young age, he has already taken its place on the world musical Olympus and is not going in the near future to leave it. On the other hand, Justin develops new fields of activity, trying himself in various guises and demonstrating a remarkable talent.
Creative way Justin Bieber
Born the youngest idol of millions of teenagers March 1, 1994 in London. Only this place is not the capital of the Kingdom of the oldest in the world. Place of birth – a small town in Canada, Ontario, and Justin’s childhood passed in Stratford, there come his mother Patricia Mallette. She became pregnant by Jeremy Jack Bieber as a young woman. Families did not work, but Justin was born. Parents are all helping her daughter, and she herself tried to provide yourself and your child a normal life. Bieber’s father was living with another woman, she had two children in a new family, but he continued to maintain a relationship with his son and his mother. The younger Justin did not differ from the neighborhood kids, the same games, the same hobbies. The boy was very active, prefer to play football and chess. As a true Canadian life imagined without hockey. As a teenager, I felt the urge to music on their own began to develop a variety of musical instruments. Surprisingly, he was obeying the drums and trumpet, guitar and even a piano.
At the age of twelve, he went on stage to take part in local music song contest “Stratford Idol.” Young singer chose the song Ne-Yo «So Sick» and climbed to the second place. Mother, are extremely proud of this victory for his son, placed the recording on YouTube, that performance could see all my friends Justin and numerous relatives. It has become a habit to record vocal numbers son, who did not want to develop in one, albeit the most fashionable direction, and constantly experimenting, searching for his style of performance, namely, anyone unlike style. Good fortune, too, have a place in the life of Justin Bieber. In search of talented young performers former manager of So So Def Scooter Braun was looking online record when he caught the eye of the young video artist from Stratford, an unknown town. He met with Bieber, then with his mother and persuaded her to let go of his son for his portion of the musical Fame. Brown and his client went to the famous Atlanta to make demos. After a very short time, Justin Bieber already proudly demonstrated contract signed with the record company, is jointly owned by Scooter Braun and Usher. They say that a good deal could be concluded with Justin Bieber, but the young star has remained under the wing of Brown and Company. Already in 2009, the debut single of the young talented singer hit the top 10 in Canada, entered the top thirty in the other countries. The name of the single, «One Time», as if to say that this is just the beginning, but it has already struck. Further work is only the musician confirmed.
In November, they released their first mini-album in the career of Justin Bieber, and he’s in record time becomes first gold in New Zealand and Australia, and then platinum in the US and Canada, and then in the UK. Under the guidance of Scooter was an active and hard work to promote the album, and Justin was assigned is not the last role in it. The burden of fame heavy burden fell on the shoulders of the young Bieber enough, but he survived. At Christmas 2009 he had the opportunity to speak to the US president and his wife, he performed Stevie Wonder song «Someday At Christmas». Even more difficult was the performance in the role of leading the Grammy awards in January 2010. Then the words of the young Bieber listened to millions of viewers sitting in the hall and watched the show through the internet.
Recent advances Justin Bieber
In January 2010, Justin released the single «Baby» of his first album «My World 2.0», it is clear that he has not gone unnoticed in the music store shelves, but on the contrary, he immediately became a hit, walked in numerous European and American for the first ten ratings. Not only vocal skills drew attention to the composition, but also video, which scored an insane number of views and comments. Billboard 200 US chart, brought Justin Bieber in the first place, it was a record and the fact that he was the youngest performer ever. The album «My World 2.0» goes on sale in March 2010, and one country after another, leads him into the lead. The victorious march to the recognition of the first album of numbers marked in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia. Justin actively promotes the album. To do this, he has to participate in the most popular television programs and channels on the rating. It is popular not only on television, on the Internet the young singer has broken all records on the frequency of occurrence in finding, previewing clips and download music. Talented guy proceeded to the conquest of the film market and has starred in one of the parts of the series “Tatort”, so perhaps ahead of his expected career actor. In addition to the film, Justin lit up in a documentary film, the protagonist of which is himself. Directed by John Fu, film-concert to the same shot in 3D. There is also not without records in the US box office for concert film exceeded all previous records and achievements in this field. June 2011 will be remembered for the announcement of the famous Forbes magazine lists where Justin Bieber named among the best-paid young celebrities.
The young artist can be proud of the fact that the total number of copies sold of his album has exceeded 15 million, not many much more experienced musicians have achieved such success. What lies ahead of the young genius, he does not even know himself, but bored will not be exact.
Life Bieber
The most serious and long-lasting relationships in the young singer’s life bound up in early 2011 and continued until the end of 2012. Justin met with no less media personality than himself. His choice was a popular young actress Selena Gomez. Lovers throughout the time of their relationship constantly under public scrutiny, and this fact inevitably contributed to the decay of a pair of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Nevertheless, young people even after his separation has repeatedly been seen together at various events, and therefore, there is a chance that the story of this pair is not finished yet.

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